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Hi! I’m guessing as you’ve hit my ‘work with me’ page, you’re either a brand or a PR company that wants to get your stuff in front of my audience, right?
Brilliant – But first, there is one very important question.

Are we a good fit?

Making rainy days fun

My audience mainly consists of parents between the ages of 25 – 44 with 84% of these being female and mostly in the UK.
Primarily, I write about things that are relevant to the ages of my own children so that I can draw from our own experiences. Dexter, my eldest is almost 7 and Bridget, my youngest is almost 3. We also have Paisley in the middle who is 4. Currently, that means I write for parents of children aged 2 to 7 years. That said, parents of older children will still find many of my posts relatable, too.

If you’ve got a new STEM toy that’s being released, a product or service that makes parenting easier, something educational for kids or even a message to get across.

That’s cool, I can help you with that.

By pulling funny faces you are working mouth muscles which will improve your toddler's speech
Funny faces

What can I do?

What I can offer you, really depends on what it is you are after. I mean, I could tell you in detail about the way I construct a blog post but if you are looking for a sidebar advert, my writing is of little importance.. so here are a few ideas.

  • I can construct a carefully written and honest review of your product or service – Like this. Reviews will include photographs taken by myself, at least one pinable image and will be shared on social media – we can talk about how often and which channels.
  • Instead of a blog post, I can share pictures of your products, on Instagram or use stories to share experiences.
  • I can run a giveaway – Like this – on my blog or a social media platform of your choosing
  • I can take over your social media channels for a day or for an event. 
  • I can host sponsored or guest posts – Like this.

I am also open to any other suggestions that you may have and can create a bespoke package for your campaign. So that’s how we can work together…

But why should you work with me?

Really, and simply… because I care.

I have built my audience and readers by providing them honest reviews, informative posts and trustworthy content and I regularly go the extra mile to make sure that my work is above and beyond what you expected.
On top of that, I take pride in my product photography and will always try different angles to capture your products in the best way I can. 

Whiskey Baubles from FindMeAGIft
Whiskey Baubles from FindMeAGIft

Here is what some previous clients have had to say…

Leslie was great to work with during our Back to School campaign. She promptly published brilliant content which was in-depth and contained brilliant photography.” – Richa, from Debenhams

Leslie has partnered up with a variety of my clients for a few years now and has never failed to deliver, often going the extra mile to create video content and contribute on social media discussions on top of the creation of very well crafted blog posts. There is a very likeable humour to content created by The Messy Blog that hits the spot with real parents and offers new perspective to brands who use influencers to also get constructive feedback on their products. Leslie is one of a handful of parent content creators that I turn to first when a new project begins and I have no hesitation in recommending her work at all” – Ross Hewitt, Managing Director of Secret Pie

And here are just some of the wonderful brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far…

Shall we get started?

Click here to drop me an email. I’m so excited to hear from you, whether you are a start-up company looking for help to get your name known, or you are a household name just wanting to tap in to the parenting audience.
Perhaps you just want to know a bit more about me and my family and what makes us tick. Either way, let’s put our heads together and see what we can come up with?

I ‘d be so sad not to hear from you….

Help! My parents are crazy!!