Why renting as a family isn’t a bad thing

November 7, 2019

We’ve all seen the stats and news reports – renting is the new normal. Where renting used to be the stepping stone between moving out and buying your first home, it’s now becoming a way of life for more and more people in the UK; including families.
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You might be thinking that renting as a family seems strange. You need the security and stability of your own home in order to raise your family, right? For many people, homeownership is the best and most important option but there are many benefits to renting as a family that you may not have considered. I’m working together with CIA Landlord Insurance to shed light on those benefits… 

It’s cheaper

Buying a home is often associated with being successful with your finances, but homeownership equity doesn’t always equate to profits. If home values in your area decrease, it’ll drag down the value of a property, resulting in a possible financial loss. With the instability of Brexit, who knows what’s going to happen to the housing market.

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People often say that renting is ‘dead money’. Look at it this way though, you’re paying for the freedom of not having to worry about all the costs that come with owning a home. There’s stamp duty tax, solicitor fees, buildings insurance, repairs for things such as a leaky roof or an old boiler, and of course the costs associated with selling up and moving. When you’re renting, all of these costs are your landlord’s problem. Plus, a property might come with many appliances and furnishings that are expensive to source yourself, which makes life that little bit cheaper.


The beauty of renting is that you’re never tied down to one place. Whilst this may be a huge benefit for single people and couples, families often crave the stability of a secure base. There is no denying that there’s a lack of security when it comes to renting. You put your whereabouts in the hands of your landlord and they could decide to sell-up and ask you to leave, which could mean pulling your children out of school and uprooting them away from their friends to relocate. Unless you’re very unlucky though, this situation is quite rare.

It’s fair to say that most landlords are looking for stable tenants who are going to want to stick around for years to come. They don’t want to be swapping tenants every 12 months – they want a long-term arrangement, just as a family does. So long as you look after the home and keep a good rapport with your landlord, then security shouldn’t be much of a worry.

“It doesn’t feel like home”

This is something you hear renters say a lot. It’s not their property, so it doesn’t feel like home. But why? If a property’s interior isn’t quite to your taste, then it’s always worth asking your landlord if you can make changes. The worst they can do is say no. Paint those beige walls white, change the light fittings and fit your own curtains. Hate the sofa? Adorn and disguise it with snuggly throws and cushions in your favourite colours and textures. 

Wall stickers can change a room without damaging paint

Don’t be defeated by not having total freedom over a property’s interior. There are so many little tricks and hacks to implement when it comes to putting your own stamp on a rental. At the end of the day, a house is only bricks and mortar. It’s who and what’s inside the house that matters. Fill your rented property with all the things that you love and let your interior tell the story of your family. 

Hopefully, this has opened your eyes to a different view of renting. A family renting are doing just as much of a good job as a family with a mortgage. If anything, renting can leave you better off with more time and money to spend on your precious loved ones.

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