Why a new roof is a great investment

January 30, 2020

Now there’s no doubt that your home is indeed a great investment – probably the most important one we ever make. But to paraphrase a certain fictional superhuman, with great investment comes great responsibility (not to mention further investment along the way). 

But regardless of what you have planned for your home, whether it’s living in it until (gulp!) death, or selling it on later in life, a new roof could be the best way to maximise its value over time.

Things that cost you, can cost others

If you’ve started toying with the idea of moving home, whether sometime this year, or before the end of the decade, the cost or a new roof can feel questionably essential. MyBuilder.com put the average cost of a new roof in the UK at between £5000 – £6000, minimum, which is money you could otherwise add to the budget of your next home, yes? 

Bear in mind though, that homebuyers will be well aware of this figure too, and so could use it against you when putting in an offer to buy your existing property.

New roofs could also save you money…

In contrast, if you don’t envisage ever moving again, then installing a new roof can easily be something you delay right up until the point that it’s absolutely necessary. But why wait? If the lifespan of your roof is likely to be up before you plan on tootling off this mortal coil yourself, then you only need one new roof installed in your own lifetime. 

However, by investing in a new roof sooner, you can get this substantial payment out of the way – and potentially save thousands on your energy bills over the years and decades to come.

… as well as make you more in the future

As you’ll no doubt have noted, we’ve used the word ‘investment’ in the title of this article. And according to its dictionary definition, investment is the “action or process of investing money for profit”. Returning to the value of your home then, a study by Zopa, published on ThisIsMoney.co.uk, found that a new roof resulted, on average, in a 63% return on investment (ROI) for the homeowner.

Needless to say, if every investment opportunity out there promised such an astonishing return, then we wouldn’t really have to worry about the cost of a new roof at all!

It can mean extra peace of mind

Another reason people choose to invest, particularly in things like pensions, is to secure their future. Ergo, with a little investment now, this could well mean there is less to worry about later. When it comes to a new roof then, the investment is more than something financial; it’s also about ensuring the security of your property, and valuables, for the foreseeable.

Naturally, you may also be planning to leave your home in the family when you’re gone. A new roof, professionally installed, subsequently adds that extra layer of reassurance that could make all the difference. 

The investment, in summary

As we’ve now covered, putting some cash into your roof right now can certainly pay dividends over time – and not just for you, but for other family members too. For an added level of reassurance though, choose a proven, reputable company, such as Findley – Sunderland roofing contractors – to complete the work. 

By doing so, you’re sure to receive a lengthy warranty and guarantee for your new roof – a little extra crucial protection, for one of the most important investments you’ll ever make.

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  • Reply Sally February 25, 2020 at 11:12 am

    It’s important to remember that while roofs are expensive, they are a great investment for the future. However, this does not mean that you should put your money into the first roof that you find. Research is critical to make sure that the roof you choose is the right one for your property.

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