We’re Going Camping!

August 22, 2021

Yes! For the first time ever, the Rickerby family is going camping.

We have never had a family holiday. We had planned a trip to Butlins last year but Covid put stop to that – So this is going to be our first holiday and we’ll probably learn a lot!

Our Tent

We opted for the Hi Gear Zenobia 6. It’s fairly spacious, it’s got a bedroom at each end and a sort of living area in the middle. The reviews are good and it has plenty of room for all 5 of us.

We’ve practised putting it up twice now and it’s so easy to put together. The kids have helped too which is nice. I’m glad they’re excited.

Me and Dexter stood in the doorway of our tent. Then tent is a big long blue tunnel tent pitched on some grass. There are a few small trees in the background. I have my arm around Dexters shoulder and we are both smiling at the camera
A practice run with the tent set up

There are two blackout liners for the bedroom parts too that we can zip closed and keep everything dark.

Top tips from others

I’ve read a few blog posts to get some ideas of what to pack. What’s essential, what food to take etc and would like to say a big shout out to Kate and Jaymee for their mega helpful guides. If you’re looking for some ideas, this one from Kate about what food to take is a great starting point. And these two were both really helpful too. Here’s Kate’s guide to packing for Camp Bestival which is still helpful for just regular camping. And Jaymee’s guide to packing for a family of five.

What we’re packing

So what did we pack? I mean aside from the tent I mentioned above…

To start with, We picked up four of these plastic stackable storage tubs from Tesco. They’re 18litres and hold a good majority of the ‘essentials’ and will hopefully keep everything organised.

Image shows inside of a car boot. laid in the bottom are 4 square plastic tubs arranged neatly in 4 corners. Each tub is filled with different camping essentials. They are clear tubs with blue handles that lock the lids on.
Starting to pack – practice run

We’ll use one for storing camp maintenance items that we’ll need for setting up and so on – things like the lanterns, the fairy lights, the kid’s torches, a doormat, duct tape, spare pegs, batteries, first aid kit and all that jazz.

Next, we have an entertainment box. In here we’ll have things like some sketch pads and pencils for the kids, some card games like Exploding Kittens, Uno, Top Trumps etc. and then some ball games, those silly Pop-It things and all sorts of little bits to keep us occupied if we have bad weather or whatever.

And then in the other two tubs, we have kitchen and cleaning/washing essentials – so this includes all of our cookware and tableware (pots/pans/cups/plates/cutlery etc.) chopping boards, tin opener, washing up stuff, toaster, kettle, a couple of bin bags and then toiletries and suncream and stuff. We’ll fill any gaps in the tubs with little snack bars and odd bits just to maximise the space we have and then these four boxes will form the base of our packing in the car.

After that, we’ll load in the tent, the sleeping bags, the air beds, the cooler, the portaloo, gas stoves, clothes and a big tub of food.

Where are we heading?

Liam has been looking at pitchup.com and has found us a lovely looking little site, way down south in Dorset. It’s called Throop Hollow Farm and it looks perfect for our first camping experience. There are stacked hay bales for the kids to play on, sinks for washing up, a couple of toilet blocks, a couple of shower blocks and lots of places nearby to visit.

Liam has never been camping and I went a long long time ago so don’t really remember a great deal of it. The kids have never been either so it will be a new thing for all of us.

We’re all excited and I can’t wait to share some pictures with you all when we’re back.

Let us know if you have any last-minute tips.

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