Weaning first steps

October 17, 2013

And so it begins… The first step towards independence.
Dexter is 4 and a half months old. (Or 19 weeks if you count that way)
He’s been breastfed since birth despite pressure to top him up with formula (due to a slow weigh gain) and I intended to do this solely until 6 months, as we are all encouraged to do.

I was currently trying to increase my milk supply by pumping between feeds, taking herbal supplements etc, anything to try and help him gain weight.
We (myself and Liam) had discussed weaning him just with one meal a day of baby rice and we bought a packet of it but I was really unsure. I felt that I was failing him and I was the cause of his slow weight gain but still didn’t want to wean him early because I was determined to give him the best that I could, the best to me being just breast milk.

Anyway, this Saturday, I began to purée some vegetables to freeze for him so that whenever we decided to start the weaning process, we were prepared.
I’d cut up the carrots and steamed them till they were soft and then blended them up with a bit of breast milk into a yoghurty purée consistency.
There was some left on the blender so I got his spoon and let him try a bit to to gauge his reaction. I really expected him to spit it out and pull a face to show me he wasn’t impressed but he seemed to really enjoy it.
I gave him another spoonful and he really liked that too. So I continued until I thought he’d had a small meal sized amount and then breast fed him.
I was so impressed at how well he took it that I then puréed a few different vegetables and fruit.

So far since Saturday he has had carrots, parsnip, banana, pear, sweet potato and apple and has loved every single meal. He’s not thrown any back up which he often does with milk and always seems to want more. I started off giving just one I’ve cube sized piece and have slowly increased to find his happy portions size. Today with the apple he had 4 cubes and managed it easily.
I think I’ll stick at 4 for now, I don’t want to over feed him, and if he is still hungry I will just breastfeed him some more. I was really unsure about starting the while weaning process but he’s made me feel a whole lot better about it and made it so easy. He obviously knows what he wants.
He makes me so proud.


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