Our first ventures into baby wearing

February 24, 2014

I’ve been reading a few posts on different forums and facebook groups lately about wearing your baby and I must admit, the thought never really occurred to me before.
I’ve noticed (I could be wrong) but a lot of mums start wearing their second babies so that it enables them to still do things with the older sibling and get stuff done but without the fussiness of a new born stopping you every five mins.
Before we had Dexter, we bought a Chicco carrier. Ive never really used it before because he was always so tiny and I didn’t feel that he sat right in it. Then, when he started to get bigger, it was winter so when we did venture out he was well wrapped up in his buggy. But now its almost spring and we’ve had a few nice days, I thought I’d give it another go.
What I’m going to say now applies to all mums but especially any that are feeling a bit low or down.

walk 3Walk.
Walk and wear your baby.
Firstly, having your baby that close to you is so much nicer than pushing a buggy where you can sometimes feel a bit detached from them. You can’t see them, when you talk to them, they cant see your face so you don’t know that they’re listening or taking anything in but having them on your chest you can keep eye contact.

Secondly, people talk to you! Lots of people said hello as they went passed and we ended up talking to two different dog walkers and Dexter loved looking at the doggies with their waggy tails.
I actually found myself holding Dexter’s hands and dancing with him at one point because the people that we encountered were so lovely, it had put me in a really good mood. walk 1
He was really interested in his surroundings because he had a different view and I was able to share that with him by pointing things out.  I pointed at trees, cars, vans, flowers, dogs and birds.
He even managed to have a little nap too so he was obviously comfortable.

So if you’re feeling a little cut off or on your own or even if you just need to nip out for some bread, have a go at wearing your baby, just for change and see how you feel.

I think I may make this something that we do at least once a week (until he’s too big to carry at least) because it was just so lovely. I really enjoyed it and so did he. I hope you try it.

walk 2



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