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My Vision Express Experience

December 5, 2017

According to National Health Service Statistics, some 8% of UK adults have never had an eye test and even in places such as Scotland where eye tests are free for everyone uptake is still low. Low uptake of eye tests means that vision loss country-wide is rising. The good news is that more than 50% of vision loss can be avoided if people have regular eye tests every 2 years and take simple steps to look after your eye health.
Pregnancy can affect your eyesight. I’ve been a glasses wearer for about 9, almost 10 years now and after each pregnancy, my eyes have got progressively worse. Two babies in two years and I can’t even see facial features halfway across the room anymore.  I’ve needed new glasses for months now so when Vision Express contacted me to review my local store and choose a new pair of specs, well… Let’s just say the timing was perfect!

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Booking an appointment with Vision Express was simple and can be done online. All you have to do is select your nearest store from over 400 in the UK, and then a date and time that suits you. The day before your appointment they will give you a call just to confirm the appointment and your details. I needed to change my original appointment but the person on the phone couldn’t have been more helpful. I rebooked very easily and then a few days before my new appointment I also received a text message.

Vision Express – The Store

Upon arrival, I noticed the Peterborough store was very clean and bright. My appointment was first thing in the morning so I got there right after the school run.  I was welcomed and then taken towards the back of the store where somebody checked the health of my eyes. They do this, as you’d expect, the same as most opticians. They took a photograph of the back of my eye and also did a pressure test with three puffs of air in each.

I was then directed to a seating area while those details were passed to the optometrist. There was a hot drinks machine and a water machine too. Although I wasn’t offered a drink or invited to help myself, I did it anyway. After about 10 minutes, I was called in by the optometrist. He told me that my eyes were healthy, which is always good to know and we moved on to the letters on the wall.  I told him what line I could read with each eye and he went through a series of lenses to try and work out how bad my eyes really are.

Peterborough Vision Express Store Front

Peterborough Vision Express Store Front

The Results

We agreed that my eyesight wasn’t the best and he advised that my lenses would be quite thick. I took another seat in the waiting area before being shown a range of frames to choose from. At first I was shown what frames would work if I chose to have the lenses thinned out – but at around £64 for that service (more than I’d normally spend in total  being a mum of 3 with not a huge amount of spare income) I declined that and looked a frames that the thicker lenses would work with.

I finally settled on a pair that was similar to what I already had but red rather than black. We walked back over to the desk where I was given options for added protection on them, anti-glare and various added extras.  My eyes were then measured to check the fit and where the best part of the lens would need to be. I paid and was told I should receive a call in about a week when they would be ready to collect.

My new Specs! - D by D From Vision Express Peterborough

My new Specs! – D by D From Vision Express Peterborough

The Verdict

In truth, it was actually only a few days later that I received another Text message to say I could collect them. It happened that I was already on my way to town for another reason when the text came through so I popped in while I was there.
I tried them on and they were a perfect fit without any need for adjustments. I was very happy with them and so glad to be able to see again!

The customer service from Vision Express was great. Some small wait times between each part but nothing unmanageable.. even with a baby and a toddler with me! Vision Express has a range of eyewear from glasses to contact lenses, sports glasses and safety goggles. They also stock a range of accessories. Adult glasses start from £39 and prescription sunglasses start at £15. An Eye test costs £25. My eye test and glasses were provided to me for the purpose of this review. Opinions and images are my own.




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  • Reply martin Parsons October 12, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    twice I’ve needed a lens replaced and Alistair did it quickly with no fuss and politeness at Tesco, Brislington, Bristol.

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