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Vax Blade 2 Max – Review

December 22, 2019

This vacuum was gifted to us for the purpose of this review. Thoughts are honest and my own.

Three kids – 6 and under. My house is often a MESS. I’m learning to embrace it to a degree. We’ve recently bought a Kallax for the living room which is a godsend if your kids have lots of ‘stuff’ but a vacuum is easily my most used gadget when it comes to these childerbeasts. I couldn’t live without it. And when my Dyson finally gave up after about 10 years of abuse I was super grateful for a chance to review the Vax Blade 2 Max. I have a Vax carpet cleaner that we use about twice a year that we get on really well with so I was eager to see how their dry vacuum would perform.

Unboxing the Blade 2 Max.

In the box, you get a brush roller head attachment. This one has a flexible head and a light on the front. You get a crevice tool, a soft brush, a head wand, a holder to hold a tool to the main wand, a power cable to charge it when not in use, a wall bracket for mounting the vacuum on the wall when charging. You also get the main motor/handle part and then the dust collector. You can watch my unboxing video here which will show you whats in the box but also how it goes together and where the buttons are and what they do.

Vax Blade 2 Max – at a glance

The Vax Blade 2 Max is an upright cordless, bagless vacuum. This means it’s not going to take up lots of room if you are low on storage space and you can empty the dust canister rather than having to replace bags regularly. The dust canister isn’t huge – so it will need emptying more regularly than others but it is great for everyday use on typical floor traffic. All of the buttons are within easy reach of your thumb without having to use two hands – this means going from hard floors to carpets is a smooth transition, as is using the boost mode.
Emptying the container is easy to do and there are some handy stickers that point to where the container should click back into place.

Using the Vax Blade Max 2

The vacuum is light and easy to manoeuvre. I’d like it to get closer to the edges but that is my only criticism. The edge/crevice tool gets perfectly close and comes with a small attachment to hold it on the wand so it’s always accessible and changing the head/tools is really simple.

The normal mode is perfect for every day but I love having the boost mode which I use a couple of times a week just to give it a really good go over. With my three and my cat, I could easily use it on boost mode all the time but it’s not always needed and of course, it will drain the battery quicker.

I find stairs are easier to do without the wand by adding the brush head straight into the main motor. The battery lasts perfectly long enough to go over the whole house.

Overall, I really like the Vax Blade 2 Max, I can see why it won the Which Best Buy award – I love that I can just ‘grab and go’ on small messes whenever needed (quite often in this house) but also if I need to do the whole house, it stands up to the job. Messy Blog recommends.

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