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Travelling to Asia with Kids: Here’s How You Can Pull It Off

June 25, 2019

Whether you are travelling for work or leisure, bringing your kids along gives them an opportunity to learn, explore the world and have fun. However, travel with kids can be tough. They get tired and hungry fast and don’t forget they are more susceptible to infections. But, with proper planning, you can have a stress free and safe trip. This article highlights some key tips that can be helpful when travelling with your kids to Asia. 

Plan Everything in Advance 

The flights, accommodation, and any paperwork should all be done in advance to avoid last minute inconvenience. Your kids will be very exhausted by the time you get to your destination and therefore don’t make the mistake of traveling before booking accommodation. If you will be staying in Asia for a while, you can book a hotel for a few days and then look for another place to stay later. Asia too has AirBnB and you can use this to find a suitable accommodation. Also, check out major travel sites for hotel reviews. 

Pack Your Kids Favorite Snacks

One common trait that most kids share is that they keep asking for something to eat and drink while traveling. Therefore, ensure you have some snacks for them. Also, they may not like the airplane food, and therefore if you don’t carry something, you will have to deal with hungry kids the entire flight. For water, carry empty refillable water bottles and fill them once you get past security. This way, your kids will have something to sip throughout the flight without having to call the attendant every time a child asks for water. 

Image by Chris Tweten from Pixabay

Beware of Germs

In every public place, you can be certain that there is a fair share of germs. Therefore, consider wiping surfaces and watch your kids closely. Also, supervise your kids when they go to the bathroom. Before you leave, talk to your doctors and see if the kids will need any vaccines before they travel. Some diseases are more prevalent in some countries than in others and this is why it is essential to talk to your doctor when travelling with kids to a different country. 

Ensure Your Health is Insured

Ensure you have a travel insurance cover to cater for medical emergencies that arise during your trip and, if you are staying overseas for the long term, check health insurance for expatriates. For instance, if you are travelling for a seasonal job in China, look for health insurance providers in China who can cover your medical expenses for the few months you will be working there. Without a health insurance plan, you will have to pay for medical expenses out of your pocket, and this can be expensive. 

Research Fun Activities for Kids

Regardless of your reason for travel, you have to have fun with your kids while in Asia. There are so many kid-friendly places to visit and activities to do in this great continent. Therefore, you should go online and research a couple of them. Check where other parents go when they travel with their kids to Asia. Don’t forget to check new menus that you and your kids can try out. 

Image by praaZ from Pixabay

Lastly, if your kids are old enough to understand, let them know why you are traveling and what they can expect from the trip. Also, have a checklist when you are packing. Which country are you traveling to? Will you travel during the hot or cold months? Check the climates and use that to guide you when packing your bags. Don’t pack too much if you intend to do some shopping during your stay. But most important of all, have fun!

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