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The Wizard of Oz at the New Theatre

December 21, 2019

Last night we had the pleasure of being invited to The Wizard of Oz pantomime at the New Theatre. This was the first time that many in our group of 14 had been to the New Theater (Previously Broadway) so it was a great opportunity to see inside.

The Wizard of Oz was different from other pantomimes I’ve seen in that it pretty much stuck to the original story. There were munchkins, a scarecrow, tin man, and lion and even Tilly the dog playing the part of Toto.
Even the music was different – apart from Over the Rainbow, the rest of the songs were quite an eclectic mix – from ‘The Bright Side of Life’ and ‘We Will Rock You’ to ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Gangnam Style’.

The sets were beautifully colourful

The 4 main characters bounced off each other really well Strictly’s Katya Jones was brilliant as Glinda and Paisley loved her dazzling dance scene – Fans of Strictly Come Dancing are sure to appreciate the judge based jokes – but for us, the star of the show was Shane Convery who played the Wicked Witch

The stage was really well designed and the changes of scenes were fantastic.
The pantomime had all of the usual moments you would expect such as the “Oh no it isn’t, Oh yes it is” and the “Well we’ll have to do it again then, won’t we?”
My only criticism was the heat in the building. It was uncomfortably warm, which caused a lot of fidgeting and restlessness – With 8 children in our group, this kind of made it difficult to focus on the show.

That said, the building was accessible with a lift from street level, the toilets were clean and the staff were very welcoming and helpful. We had to queue to use the baby change area but that wasn’t unbearable.

This Wizard of Oz is the New Theatres first Pantomime and is playing until New Year’s Eve. The show has a running time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. Tickets start from £12.50 for under 16s and £14.50 for adults and are available here
Overall, we enjoyed the show. There are plenty of opportunities to join in from booing cheering and singing along with popular modern faves. We’d love to come back and see next year’s panto, Aladdin

Dexter meeting ‘Toto’ after the show.

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