The Vinyl Collection That’s a Must

August 27, 2020

So many palettes, so many designs and so many ranges. It’s easy to see where to get stuck when looking for the best in Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT).

Whilst many interior designers can tell you of its benefits, they can be stuck to tell you which providers are among the most preferred due to the growing high demand from many retailers.

When you look into leading brands, Amtico is the brand that is most recognised and admired.

Easy Install

It’s fact; lvt is an easy install and not entirely necessary to have a professional do it for you.

If you like to save on that by the hour rate an installer could have, you can take the plunge and install yourself with either glue down or click together options that are not taxing on your time or patience.

You don’t even need to be Mr or Mrs Home Improvement to get it perfect. Hardwood or laminate looking vinyl comes in fit to size pieces that are easy to install and even easier to clean afterwards, meaning your room will achieve its maximum look with minimum fuss.

Maintain with Ease

Your floor will definitely witness its fair share of challenges over time, with every room offering its own risks.

Amtico Spacia range is a flooring option that has transgressed the challenge to be acceptable for any room, with fantastic wear performance and water resistance making it a perfect layering for bathrooms and kitchens where water is an everyday occurrence. Due to these technologies being perfected within Amtico’s ranges, it gives ultra-dynamic tendencies against wear and damage caused by the many instances that can damage most flooring options.

Beautiful Feel Throughout

What room cannot be fitted with vinyl? Try none.

In fact, people go for varying options throughout their home to highlight their diversity. Whether you desire a cool calming bathroom or a stylish abstract office area, Amtico offers ranges that meet the needs of the person whose home requires a difference.

When it comes to market-leading excellence throughout your home, the best luxury vinyl collection comes in the form of Amtico Luxury Vinyl Flooring.

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