The patter of tiny feet… on the move!

April 3, 2014

I was watching Dexter play this morning when he spotted the cat sat near me on the sofa.
He loves the cat and its one of the 3 words he can say. The cat sadly is not a fan of Dexter.

Anyway, as I was saying, he saw the cat on the sofa so he started to crawl over and then when he got to the sofa he pulled himself up. He’s done this a few times before but normally because he’s spotted the remote. The cat (Peggy) saw him coming and walked calmly to the other end of the sofa. (Our sofa is quite large, its seats 5 comfortably)
Undeterred on his quest, Dexter followed. Holding on to the edge, he side stepped all the way along and grabbed her fur. So, naturally, Peggy walked away again back to her original spot near me at my end of the sofa. This went back and forth once or twice more with a couple of tumbles in between (Dexter, not the cat) and I sat quietly and proudly watching him, so determined to catch her. Peggy got bored and eventually went out. Thats when I got his walker out.

walking5 walking1
What happened next amazed me. He grabbed hold of the handle and took a few wobbly steps on his own with it. Now he’s loved walking holding mine and his dads hands for quite a while but we can hold him up when he does that. He’s never walked without us holding him. After seeing me clapping at him and getting very over excited, he confidently strutted around the living room with it. Backwards and forwards, only stopping for me to turn him round so he could go off again.

I was so proud of him. I videoed it and sent it to Liam and he was just as impressed as I was.

walking 2
At one point, He even parked it up next to the coffee table and let go of it so that he could cruise his way over to his cup. He’s such a clever little man. He’ll be 10 months old tomorrow and I think he’ll be walking on his own before his birthday!

Way to go Dexter, Mummy and Daddy are SO proud of you! And thank you Mum and Gary for his brilliant Christmas pressie!



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