The messiest baby in all the land – Messy play

January 24, 2014
Of all the fun things I remember about being little, the best ones always revolved around some kind of mess. Either gluing or water or sand or just gloop, so since having Dexter I’ve been looking forward to just letting him go wild with messy play.image

I know he’s still so little but I’d hate to think of him as being bored. I try and change things up a bit now and the. For example, with his toys, I’ll put some away for a week or so and then when I bring them back out, they are ‘new’ and exciting all over again.

Messy Play

He’s favourite activity though, is messy play.
At 7 months old, his nickname is Smushy. He got this through wearing most of his food when he squishes it all as he explores it. I don’t mind though, it doesn’t take long to clean him up and he has fun.

I started doing some messy play with him at home.
The first thing we tried some coloured spaghetti. He wasn’t sure on this to begin with but after 5 minutes, he was tipping it out and rubbing it on his legs… So I sat him in it!

We’ve also tried jelly. He really enjoyed the texture of that because he could just squish it in his hands and through his fingers. We didn’t put him in that one as it was fresh out of the fridge and didn’t want to freeze him. I buried some of his toys in it while it was setting so he could dig them out, which he really enjoyed.



Today though, was his first messy play away from home. We went to a local children’s centre where  they run various sessions for mums and different aged tots. We’ve been to the younger play sessions a few times but never sampled their messy play. We were advised before hand to bring a towel as there is a shower and to not wear our best clothes as adults will get messy too… well that was an understatement!



Messy play with beans

Beans, beans, the musical fruit…

He wasted no time in getting stuck in. I hadn’t even sat down myself before his hands were in the beans! And once you’ve passed a certain degree of mess you may as well get completely stuck in.. Although it has to be said, mashed potato was a firm favourite…


He really was so happy.. the messier he got, the more he smiled! He loved it so much. I highly recommend messy play to anyone!

Next weeks session is going to be dry stuff, more sensory based but I’m hoping he still has as much fun. Cant wait to go again, and I bet he cant either!

What messy or sensory play have you done with your bubbas? My next post has a whole list of messy play ideas you can try.
I’m hoping to build him up some treasure baskets soon too. Any suggestions of interesting textures or items I can put in them? Thanks for reading! Go get messy!!!


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  • Reply Blogging Mummy November 1, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    You are so brave letting him make all of this mess. I do like messy play but I totally freak out if there is too much mess. I tell nursery to do all of this with my baby ha ha so I don’t have to. x Thank you for linking up wth #anythinggoes Blogging Mummy

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby November 1, 2015 at 11:28 pm

      Haha, I’m a naturally messy person. It’s way more fun. Hence the blog name lol. He really does dove it. he’s always asking for paint or glue!

  • Reply Lucy November 6, 2015 at 10:49 pm

    I think my hubby would have heart failure!! I’m trying to let our 14 month ‘be free’ and messy but it’s playing havoc with hubby’s OCD

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby November 6, 2015 at 11:45 pm

      Hehe, maybe find a group that does it instead so they clean it up at the end. Or maybe a group of mummies that are happy to take it in turns to provide the mess. Then you’d only have to do it once every so often

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