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The Gender Neutral Kids Gift Guide!

November 10, 2018

I was going to do 5 gift guides this year, one for girls, one for boys, mums, dads and babies… but was I making more work for myself. I don’t buy into all the pink for girls, blue for boys, girls need dolls and boys need trucks malarkey anyway, but also, I realised that a lot of the products I was putting in the boys one, I would be repeating in the girls one – and vice versa – so I’ve put them all into one and created a gender-neutral one. Now depending on how you shop, you might prefer some of these gifts for your sons and others for your daughters. I’m not saying they have to be for everyone, just that if your boys like pink and your girl like dinosaurs… they won’t be singled out over here.

Something Educational

The Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab is brilliant for igniting curiosity and sparking imaginations. The perfect gift for expanding little minds
Bubbling over with anticipation!

My first recommendation is something that we’ve actually reviewed quite recently. Both Dexter and Paisley have loved experimenting with the WonderLab, part of the Little Tikes StemJr Range. I actually think this is going to be really popular this Christmas as it has so many different ways to play, all of which are learning opportunities.
The WonderLab is roughly the size of a play kitchen and has 20 different experiment cards across the STEM subjects. You can check out my review of the Wonder lab here. It retails between £79.99 and £99.99 so would probably be more of a ‘main gift’ but comes highly recommended.

The Little Tikes Wonder Lab. Perfect for curious little STEM explorers


We have recently been sent a couple of games to try out that I wanted to include in here. Games are great for winter months when it’s cold and miserable outside but also offer some great learning opportunities as well.

My First Bananagrams – Perfect for early literacy skills

My First Bananagrams is sort of like a child version of scrabble except there is no board. There are single letters and digraphs so that early readers can have fun making words and it ties in to the way they are taught in school. I love that they have made different colours for similar letters ie ‘b’ and ‘d‘ and that all the vowels are the same. This game is perfect for us as Dexter is now in year one at school so is starting to get on well with his reading and writing and we have just started trying to help Paisley recognise some letters in her name so although she can’t play the game as it is meant, we can still use the letter tiles with her. 

Dobble Kids – A fast pace game, great for youngsters with lots of ways to play.

We have also been sent Dobble Kids. This one is better for Paisley as there are lots of mini games you can play, but also, we have just been hunting for certain things on the cards. Both of these games come in small packaging so aren’t going to take up too much space – unlike the piles of board games you can end up collecting. Their small size also makes them great for travelling too.

Something to wear

If you are a fan of mono kids wear, I can highly recommend Ada and Alfred.  Run by Alex, all items are either hand made or hand finished in the UK and are a lovely quality. I can really see all three of mine running around in the ‘Cuddles and Chaos’ sweatshirt. 

Ada and Alfred

Dexter was sent this awesome Marvel Avengers Buff. It was perfect for him as it can be worn so many ways so if we are all for a walk it can be worn as a hat, but if he is cycling, he needs to be able to wear his helmet, so we can change the Buff from a hat to a balaclava and so on. There are a load of designs and colours available so something for everyone.
Check out these different ways to wear 

Something crafty

We have got so much stuff from Baker Ross in our craft chest, it would normally be hard to know where to start with recommending them. However this year, for Christmas, they have sent us some great little crafting kits that I can’t wait for the kids to see. Again, perfect for this time of year when staying in is the much preferred option, these craft kits can really lend themselves to getting the creativity flowing.

Something to Read

I have a couple of options for you here. We’ve been sent this lovely little book about a girl that lives with her aunt and uncle and just loves to be naughty. But then with the help of her cat, she realises that she is actually incredibly lucky to have the life she does so her brattiness turns to gratitude. I’ve read this to Paisley once so far but she obviously liked it because she kept telling me about the ‘naughty girl not naughty any more’

Is she the naughtiest girl in the world?

But our favourite books to read are the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. (1 & 2) These books not only cover the tales of some remarkable women, both present and historic, but they contain some fantastic illustrations. I’m adding these into a gender neutral gift guide because they are perfect stories for my girls to hear and be inspired by, but also, Dexter is at that age now where his opinions are not just influenced by us, but by his friendship groups at school and what he sees on TV etc – So I think it’s important that we bring more women to the forefront and share their success as equally as we can. (I know there is a boys version of these books that is very similar and we do have that one too, however, it’s done my different people and not as well written)

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Another thing I love about these books is how they came about. Both books grew their wings as kickstarter projects and in the back of both books is a ‘Rebel Girls Hall of Fame’ where it lists all of the contributors to the crowd-funding project. The first one also has a section for you to draw a self-portrait and write your own story. Such brilliant books to inspire this generation.

So those are my top Gender Neutral picks this Christmas. I’ve tried to keep it varied and not based around the latest, noisy, plastic toy so hopefully, that’s given you a few ideas. Do check out some of my other gift guides too for more inspiration.

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