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Teamsterz Micro Motorz

March 22, 2019

Collectible and surprise toys are definitely on the rise. With children both loving opening them themselves and also watching others open them on YouTube.
Back when I was a child there were pogs, trolls and beanie babies but these days the collectables are more of a surprise with the ‘not knowing what you’re going to get’ adding to the fun.

One of the latest releases in the pocket money toys range is Micro Motorz, which are small cars that you can tune up with accessories.

Inside the pack there are 6 surprises – the car, a tuning tool, a sticker, the upgrade, a launcher and a display case. The display cases also connect together so that you can stack your collection.

“There are over 20 different Micro Motorz to collect in the first series including six Nitro Chargerz – these racers pack some serious punch with their powerful engines and are perfect for drag races – there are three regular Nitro Chargerz and three rare ones to collect.

Speed Demonz, complete with their interchangeable spoilers are made for the race track, launch them speeding off and watch them drift around bends. Collect all six with three rare and three regular rides. 

Nothing turns heads quite like the Hot Rodz, their garish colours and wild interchangeable air scoops make these racers a must-have, take on the playground and launch your Hot Rodz down the track – there are three regular and three rare Hot Rodz to collect.

Finally – move out of the way for the ultra-rare, Monster Treadz – these rugged monster trucks will crush their opponents as they roar down the streets. They even include slick gold engines which complete their fierce look.”

Whilst they look cool and are fun to unwrap and discover, the wheels on the cars don’t actually move as they have a ballbearing underneath that they slide about on and the launcher is quite fiddly to get to work.
In all honesty, I probably wouldn’t buy any more of these as my kids have just not played with them since the initial opening. I put all the bits together in a Tupperware container to stop them getting lost and although that’s been opened (and subsequently strewn across the floor), they haven’t actually been enjoyed as intended and from a parents perspective – thats just too many unnecessary ‘bits’ to keep picking up.

However, he tools for the modifications are quite cool if you want something to clip on to a book bag, backpack or coat zip and if you asked Dexter and Paisley, I’m sure they would tell you they love them.

The cars are aimed at 3+ and retaile at £4.99 from most toy stores and supermarket toy sections.

Have you bought any collectable surprise toys lately? What are your favourites and what do you remember from your own childhood?

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