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Starting School

Starting school – A look back over the last two terms

As we head into the summer term, my newsfeed is awash with people finding out their child’s schools place for September. It’s crazy to think that this time last year we were excited to find out that Dexter had been given our first choice of school…

April 18, 2018

What to expect at your first Parents Evening

This evening, Liam and I will be off to our first parents evening. Dexter started school this past September and from what we can tell he has settled in really well.  He’s a right royal pain in the backside to get ready in the morning…

October 31, 2017
Child Development & Updates

My first born started school

And there he was… gone. I didn’t get the chance to wave him off, I walked him in and he vanished into a crowd of other little boys and girls, all in the same uniform and just like that, my firstborn started school. We’d…

September 6, 2017
Letters To My Children

Dexter, Now you are 4

Dear Dexter, Last month you turned four years old. I think this has been the first year you’ve really understood that you were getting a bit older, or bigger, as you put it. We spent the day before your birthday at Wicksteed Park in…

July 12, 2017