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My Slimming World Top Tips

I joined slimming world last year in February. In a couple of months I’d lost a stone and a half and was pregnant with my second child. (Funnily enough, I had my first child after losing 3 stone on my own!) I didn’t continue…

October 16, 2016

Back in the saddle – Rejoining Slimming World.

If you follow me on other social media, you may have noticed more food-related pictures sneaking in. That’s because I have jumped back in the saddle and rejoined slimming world. Well, last week I sort of led the horse around the paddock a bit…

September 27, 2016

Slimming world update: 14 weeks in.

This is probably only going to be a short post but its a bit more than I would write in a facebook status so thought I would post it here instead. Plus it ties in with my previous post about slimming world and the…

May 12, 2015

Fusilli Lunghi Carbonara

Another recipe post! Hurrah! We recently received some vouchers from the Tesco Orchard Scheme to use on their finest* pasta range, so on a recent shopping trip we selected the pasta we most liked the look of to try. Not being pasta experts, we…

March 16, 2015
Family and slimming world friendly chicken and leek potato bake recipe

Chicken and Leek Potato Bake.

I joined slimming world last Tuesday and have already lost 8lb in the space of 2 weeks. I wanted to make a Chicken and Leek potato bake but couldn’t find a suitable slimming world friendly recipe. So I decided to experiment and make my own.…

February 17, 2015

Jumping on that diet train. Why I joined Slimming World.

I always said I wouldn’t do it. I would waste my money sitting in a room full of overweight people (like me) trying to lose weight (like me) and waiting for someone else to weigh me. Why pay for that? I can weigh myself…

February 13, 2015

Friday Phone Dump #4

Missed doing this last week and didn’t realise until sunday that I hadn’t done it. This weeks phone dump is actually 2 weeks worth of images. So here goes…. Top L-R.  Finger painting fun. Dexter and his new baby. Salad spinner art. Middle L-R.…

February 13, 2015