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Happy Birthday


Paisley, now you are 2.

To my sweet, sassy Paisley on your second birthday, I’ve never been sure how to be a girl mum. I don’t like pink and I’m not a girly girl, and I hate that girls are targeted with all that sickly stuff in shops. People laughed when we found out you were going to be…

January 11, 2018

My Darling Son – Now you are 3

Dear Dexter, I recently read through the letter I wrote to you on your second birthday and it amazed me how much you have grown and changed. Your speech, your physical skills, your understanding of the world, it’s almost like you are an entirely…

June 4, 2016

Happy 2nd birthday, Dexter

To my dear, sweet, little Dexter. Today is your second birthday.  These last 12 months have I have seen you change so much from that baby that was barely walking to such a happy confident toddler that you are. There are so many things you…

June 4, 2015