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Halloween at Home in 2020

*I was offered a Halloween gift hamper in exchange for mentioning Freezedebt in this post – All thoughts and images are my own.* Everything has been a bit different this year, hasn’t it? And we’re generally not very big on Halloween, but sometimes you…

November 7, 2020

The Siblings Project – November 2017

I do love joining up with the Siblings Project. It challenges me to get pictures of Dexter, Paisley and Bridget altogether, which so far has been quite difficult. None of them look the right way, and when they all look the wrong way it’s all in…

November 15, 2017

Halloween Sensory Bath

One of the best pieces of parenting advice I’ve ever been giving was if your kids are going crazy, stick them in the water. I don’t mean drown the little buggers, that’s frowned upon, I mean put them in the bath. And it’s something…

October 31, 2017

Friday Phone Dump Linky #4

Hello and welcome to Friday Phone Dump #4 – Had such a busy weekend last week so I wasn’t able to post about the linky much so thank you to those that still made it. The idea of the linky is to be able…

November 6, 2015

Ghosties and pumpkins and paint, Oh my!

We didn’t do much for hallowe’en this year. Normally I take Dexter out with all of his cousins but they all have other plans and one of them is at a sleep over etc and I really don’t fancy walking about for that long…

November 3, 2015