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Child Development & Updates

Bridget at 10 months

Not surprisingly, I missed Bridget’s 9-month update so rather than writing that one late, I decided to get her 10 months one done instead. She’s growing up so fast and as cliche as it sounds, I really don’t know where the time is going.…

April 15, 2018
Child Development & Updates

Bridget at 2 months old

Mum of three. My own little tribe. It’s fair to say I’m loving it. Yes, there are hard days. Of course, there are but oh my word, these little humans just make me smile. But it all goes so fast, doesn’t it? I mean,…

August 15, 2017
Pregnancy and Birth

Wasn’t expecting that…

A few weeks ago, I stood up after eating a very filling dinner followed by a very filling pudding and the conversation that followed went a bit like this… Me: Corrr, Look at the size of my belly! Dexter: What have you got in…

November 6, 2016
Child Development & Updates

Paisley at 4 months old.

Paisley turned 4 months old this week.  As with any baby, every day is a whirlwind of new exciting skills and traits to be discovered and Paisley is no exception to that rule.  She really is changing every day.  We still haven’t seen the…

May 13, 2016
Child Development & Updates

Paisley at 3 months old

Paisley is 3 months old now and is developing very well. This last month has seen some big changes and seen her personality really come out. We’ve had no reason to see the health visitors. I told myself this time round I wouldn’t bother…

April 12, 2016

Aldi Toddler and Baby Event Haul – I did a vlog!

So today was the start of the Aldi toddler and baby event. Having only just had Paisley and not really having bought anything but essentials for her so far, I took the opportunity to have a bit of a spend. There were plenty of…

January 28, 2016
Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy update – 37 Weeks.

Weeks Gestation – 37+2. Due Date – 24th Jan. Size of baby – Who knows?!?! My bump is still measuring big for dates so I have yet another growth scan towards the end of the week. Big is what she is. Big and sticky-outy. Sleep –…

January 5, 2016