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EasyTots EasyMat – Why you need one of these!

If you have seen my latest weaning post, you will know how much we LOVE the EasyTots EasyMat and EasyMat Mini. They have become a staple product in Bridgets weaning journey and I only wish I’d known about them from the start. The EasyMat Mini…

April 6, 2018

Bridget at 7 months

Being the total eeejit that I am, and of course, being so caught up in Christmas I totally missed Bridget’s 6-month update and this week saw her turn 7 months!  I also missed a couple of others of my regular posts but we are back…

January 19, 2018

Weaning Journey Part 2 – The Mixed Approach

Paisley has done so very well at weaning so far and we are very much enjoying the journey. If you read part 1 of our weaning journey, you’ll know we opted for a mixture of baby led weaning and purees. Now, at 7 months…

August 14, 2016