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Child Development & Updates Letters To My Children

Bridget at 5 months

Dear Bridget, Your 5-month update is coming from a different angle today. Today I want to apologise. Your birth order is not your fault. It’s not your fault that you are our third child but being last often means exactly that. Last. You are the…

November 15, 2017
Child Development & Updates

Paisley at 5 months

This last weekend had seen Paisley turn 5 months old. She’s getting much more active, she’s able to communicate more and has even cut her first two teeth! We’ve been out on a few family adventures lately and she has been so easy to…

June 13, 2016
Pregnancy and Birth

5 months pregnant… and you didn’t know???

Nope. I didn’t know I was pregnant. Not a clue. Admittedly, an unusual post to start a new blog with but it’s where this story begins. Fact is, nothing changed. There was no morning sickness or cravings or any of the obvious signs that…

February 18, 2013