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Bridget at 3 months

Bridget turned 3 months old today and I think I’m holding her back a bit. I know you shouldn’t compare but by this age, Paisley seemed so much more active and aware of things. I guess it’s because when Pais was born, Dexter was older…

September 15, 2017

Paisley at 3 months old

Paisley is 3 months old now and is developing very well. This last month has seen some big changes and seen her personality really come out. We’ve had no reason to see the health visitors. I told myself this time round I wouldn’t bother…

April 12, 2016

Dexter at 3 months old

Dexter turned 3 months last week and is now doing so much more. He’s still a baby and he’s not moving or anything but the tiny little things he learns everyday amaze me. I love seeing how something we do and take for granted…

September 4, 2013