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Summer Holidays – Week 2

August 1, 2014

Week 2 over with and I’m still finding it so impressive how little money I’ve spent during our days out yet how much the kids have done on their range of activities. Summer holidays don’t need to be expensive to be fun. 


I had Tiffany Demi and Caleb as well as Dexter so had a full house. We were due to go to ferry meadows for a ‘Marvellous Monday’ activity but the girls couldn’t be bothered to walk. I asked them all jokingly if they wanted to wash the car and all 3 of them jumped at the chance. I emptied out some toy tubs and filled them with hot soapy water. Caleb was the most enthusiastic, testing out the sponge, and the 2 different brushes. They all got bored before the car was clean so as a result, it ended very streaky. Ah well, Liam can take it to get washed at the weekend maybe.

After lunch we walked to the park, playing Simon Says all the way there. I had great fun making them do silly things and they seemed to walk a lot quicker too.


Today was just me and Dexter and the girls. Off to Ferry Meadows again and todays activity was making a keyring. We each designed our own by decorating both sides of a piece of card and then putting it into the keyring plastic. Demi made hers for her mum, Tiffany made hers to go on her Guinea pig cage and Dexter’s is on his lunch box. 



In the morning, the mobile library pulled up outside in its usual spot so we each went across to get a new book. Then we hopped on the bikes (and Demi on her scooter) and then off we went on a Teddy bears picnic, again, organised by the wonderful staff at Ferry Meadows.week2.3
We followed a trail of bear foot prints through the conservation area until we found Barney the bear. Barney then took us on a train ride before we had a little search for some laminated bears in the trees and then followed it up with a picnic in the outdoor classroom area. Barney went off for a rest (not surprising in that heat) while we all ate lunch and then returned shortly afterwards with a gift bag for all of the children. week2.7


Today was one of my favourite activities so far. Scarecrow building (again at Ferry Meadows). A quick demo from Dave and we were off. Tiffany selected the trousers, Demi selected his top, Dexter played in the sand and I set to work tying the two logs together to make the structure. The girls then tied the arms and legs of the clothes shut and started stuffing the legs while I put the jumper on the logs and started stuffing that. I attached the trousers and then Tiff and Dem drew a face on a hessian sack for the face. A little bit of tidying him up, some straw in his mouth to chew on and a hat to protect him from the sun and he was complete. Demi named him Bob.


I’m really lucky to live within walking distance of Ferry Meadows. Theres so much to do there, with 3 fantastic play parks, huge lakes, the water sports centre, tonnes of picnic benches dotted all around and a train just being some of the highlights. You can even hire out Segway’s to cruise around on. The staff are always friendly and knowledgeable and they make it a fun place to be. All of the activities we’ve done there have been free (except the trail which was only 50p and they got a prize) but they are so educational and fun at the same time, they are totally worthy of the donations that they rely on. 

Next week should be a little more relaxed as we wont be off to FM as much. I expect we’ll be doing more of the lolly stick activities but we shall have to wait and see what the week brings. Thanks for following along with us.

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