STEM Gift Ideas for kids

June 21, 2019

With both Dexter and Bridget having birthdays close together, I’ve recently been thinking about what sort of gifts I’d like to get them both. I circled round and round but kept coming back to ‘something fun but educational’.
I like gifts that enable learning but keep it enjoyable. Gifts that teach without you realising you’re learning – So I’ve put together this list of STEM gift ideas that will inspire and educate whilst being enjoyed over and over.
Disclaimer: A couple of these items were sent to us previously to review. We were not asked to include them in this gift guide. One item was sent specifically for this guide and I have indicated that below. Another item contains an affiliate link. I have marked this with an asterisk*

Makedo Space Pod

I’m not gonna lie – I actually want this for myself. Over the last year or so I’ve become a little obsessed with space, flying to the moon and NASA so I’m not even kidding you when I say I would play in this all day long!
The Makedo Space Pod is a cardboard construction that you have to assemble yourself and comes with actual tools to put it together.
Move over kids, it’s Mummy’s turn!

Shift over kids, Mummy wants to play!

Science Kits from John Adams Toys

These were actually kindly gifted to us for inclusion in this gift guide but how cool are these?
A bit different from your usual science sets that are based around simple experiments (baking soda and vinegar anyone?) These sets aim to each teach a different thing. We’re going to start with the beating heart experiment first that has all sorts of tubing and balloons for you to put together to replicate an actual heart beat a brilliant way to get hands-on with science!

Little Tikes STEM Jr Wonder Lab

We LOVE this stem lab! We received this from little tikes to review last year and were amazed by the detail. Similar in size to a play kitchen, it’s not the smallest of toys on this list but it comes with goggles, test tubes, a pipette and more for science experiments. It has power for some technology experiments, a marble run for engineering and lots of measuring opportunities for maths. On top of that, it comes with 20 experiments cards that you can hang up and work through. I wrote about the STEM Jr Wonderlab here so if you want to know a bot more, do have a look.

The Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab is brilliant for igniting curiosity and sparking imaginations. The perfect gift for expanding little minds
Little Miss Curiosity! She just loves mixing stuff! Adult supervision is a must with this one!

STEM Subscription Box*

We currently get Dexter a STEM Subscription box from the Weekend Box Club. The Weekend Box Club has a range of Monthly Subscription Boxes* to suit all sorts of hobbies and interests but we find the range of activities in this particular one to be perfect! They come with everything you’ll need for the experiments and its a gift that keeps on giving when it comes through the door every month.


We have had several books in the past that I would put in this category from Minibeast Adventures to Montessori at home books that help teach maths. But more recently we’ve been trying to get to the library and sample a range of books on different subjects.
Liam has been really keen on this coding book that we’ve borrowed. How to Code by Mark Wainewright covers Scratch, Python and more and lays everything out in a simple to understand way.

A small sample of our STEM book collection

Hopefully, this list has given you a few ideas for gifts. If you still aren’t sure, why not go for experiences over ‘things’. A day out at a science museum or a trip to the National Space Centre would also make fantastic ideas. Check out this post on BritMums of some wonderful STEM days out.

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