Spring crafting with Baker Ross

February 10, 2017

We love doing our little crafts and being a Baker Ross blogger means that every now and then we get sent some wonderful little kits that not only boost my already overflowing craft supplies, but give us something a little different to do and ensure that Dexter still gets his one on one time with me.
Recently we have been sent these lovely spring themed sets so last weekend, we set to work and have had lots of colourful sticky fun!

We started with the Easter Train Kit. Unfortunately Dexter was a little too eager to get into the packets of some of these so before I even managed to get a look in, he’d managed to loose the instructions and quite a few of the bits! (Who’d have kids eh?) Looking at the pieces without any sort of guide meant that I was completely flummoxed on how to build the initial train shape and had to look it up on the Baker Ross site so that I had at least some frame of reference. (it’s here if your kids are as impatient as mine) But he was having fun so we rolled with it.
By the time he’d finished.. well let’s just say it didn’t look like the picture. He’d managed to loose about 3 whees and who knows what else! THIS IS WHY MUMMY SAID WAIT!!! Hahahahaha, 3 year olds!

After that epic fail, we tried our hand at the super mum fridge magnets. I managed to keep all the bits together for this one and when I realised we had to stick knickers on the bodies, we had a good immature giggle about pants! Dexter thought the knickers were hilarious and even his cousin started laughing. These were good fun and really simple. Plus there are so many different colour combinations. 

We’ve had a try at the bug pom-poms but unfortunately they were a bit tricky for Dexter to do so mummy ended up making the pompom bodies and Dexter decorated them with the stick on pieces. I forgot to get a picture of them finished but they probably aren’t something I would recommend to a 3 and a half year old. They were just the wrong side of too fiddly. They do look cute when finished though.

The last two things we received are the pond sticker scenes and the Easter colouring wreaths. Both of these we will be keeping to one side for the half term so that he has an activity to do with his friend that he doesn’t often see. I’ll be sure to post these on Instagram though, so be sure to follow me here so that you don’t miss them.
What sort of crafts do you like to do with your littles? Have you ordered from Baker Ross before? I know our preschool order from them regularly. I’d love to hear about what sort of things you do. Feel free to share in the comments or send me pictures on Facebook or Twitter

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