Small girls bedroom makeover

April 29, 2018

Over the last month or so, we have been preparing for Bridget to start sharing a room with Paisley. The house we live in is small and the rooms are pokey, so it was always going to be a challenge to get 2 separate people in there… however small these people are. We were limited in what we could do with the room right from the start as this is a rented property so a lick of paint was about as much we could do with the walls and there’s not a lot of room for furniture… however, I’m happy with what we’ve managed and the girls really enjoy it too. Come with me and let me walk you through the before and after.

Ugly Mess. No organisation


Before we started to think about moving Bridget in, Paisley’s room was a bit depressing. The Magnolia walls were unloved and little thought had gone into the layout. Her wardrobe was purchased from a facebook selling site and was piled up with junk on the top that had no real home. The pink plastic drawers had been given to us and mainly stored the train track and a few puzzles and all other toys and things were just piled into a wicker basket.

Nothing about the room was friendly. There was nothing inviting. It didn’t look like a nice place to play… or sleep for that matter! It was ugly and constantly messy. Nothing in there really had a home.

Paisley’s cot had just a white sheet on the mattress and she slept in sleeping bags. It looked cold. Prison-like. Completely unappealing. It’s no wonder Paisley didn’t like to sleep in there.

A bedroom fit for… well, not a fun seeking 2 year old!

Picking the colours

Where do you start when redecorating? I had a scroll through Pinterest for ‘Small Girls Bedroom ideas’. I had no idea what we were originally after or what look we would be going for. I liked the look of pink and grey together and started saving pins to a board for inspiration.

Having decided on a colour scheme, I contacted Valspar to about joining their paint club. They send me some vouchers for their paints that we could pick up at b&q and a voucher for supplies such as paint trays and frog tape etc. We headed off to B&Q to choose our colours.

How many shades of grey? Valspar paint at B&Q

We cleaned the skirting boards, wiped down the walls and we were good to go. Liam didn’t want any part of the painting so I enlisted the help of my first born, Dexter.  You can see in the video below he actually did quite a good job of painting too!



Bridget would go into the cot and Paisley would need a bed. We knew from the off that fitting 2 sleeping spaces in this small room would be tricky so we opted to get rid of the wardrobe, the plastic drawers and the basket of junk and replace it with an Ikea Kallax.  This way we could store all of the girls’ clothes and toys in one item of furniture that looked tidy and organised and was easy to manage. Their clothes don’t get pulled off hangers by Paisley and their toys are easily accessible but also easy to tidy up too.

We LOVE the Ikea Kallax! these drawers hold a LOT!

We chose the white unit with pink and grey Dröna drawers and arranged them in a checkerboard pattern. The top row being for Paisley’s clothes and the second row for Bridget’s clothes.

For Paisley’s bed, I contacted Wayfair to see if they would like to collaborate with me on this post. They were very happy to send Paisley this white toddler bed which is not only the perfect size for the room but perfect size for Paisley too.  The bed has two drawers underneath on small castors, one of which has some blankets in and one that is storing the train track pieces.
The bed is low down so it’s easy for Paisley to climb in and out and the mattress is firm but very comfortable for her.

Paisley’s first proper bed. She and Dexter love being able to play with the trains without having to ask me to pull the drawer out and they’re easy to put away too.

Finishing touches.

For the finishing touches, we have a few different sized frames from Ikea to go on the grey wall above Paisley’s bed, along with a little silver hanging heart that will go above Bridget’s bed.

The bedding is also from Ikea (yes, we love ourselves a bit of Ikea. We got one pack of bedding and used the sheet for the cot and the duvet cover & pillow case for Paisley’s bed.

We have sorted through their toys and put a selection of their favourites in the spaces of the kallax. There is a selection of books and puzzles which will be rotated regularly. Some brightly coloured stacking toys and some other bits in the two spare boxes along with their bigger toys that are sitting on top.

“These are a few of my favourite things”


So there you have it. As I said, it’only a small room but we’ve managed to get everything in it that we need and they still have a bit of floor space to play on too.

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