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September 16, 2018

It’s no lie that having kids will wreak havoc with your sleep patterns. It starts when you’re pregnant and have to get up to wee 5 times a night, can’t lay on your belly and when you lay on your back and try to get up, you look like a mad woman doing an impression of a tortoise.
Apparently, it doesn’t improve before they move out either and across the land mums and dads are up all night anxiously waiting for their teens to get home after a night out with friends… meaning no sleep for parents!

My three little sleep thieves are 5, 2 and 1 and often tag team against Liam and I in sleep wars. But it’s not all bad. They might not always all sleep all night long but at least it’s getting to the point where it’s not all three of them up all night. They’re rotating it a bit and sometimes it’s just one of them that wakes up once. And there are some things we’ve found that make sleep for parents that bit easier to come by.

What are my top tips for a good nights sleep for parents?

Sleep tips for parents. Top tips on how to get a good nights sleep when you have three children
Bath, Book and Bed… an essential tool in the fight against sleep-thieves

Establish a routine.

Children thrive on routine. By doing things at the same time each day, you manage their expectations. They will come to understand that after playtime comes tidy up time. After breakfast, it’s time to brush your teeth and after bath time is bedtime. And in keeping these everyday steps in the same order and at the same times, it not only encourages healthy habits but breeds a much calmer household. And once they are sleeping better, you’ll have much fewer disturbances

Make time to wind down.

With children, we know they need a chance to wind down before bedtime. Sometimes this is done with a bath, sometimes with a story. This is just as important in adults. Instead of watching TV with a cup of tea, why not try dimming the lights, listening to the radio or a podcast or reading a book and drinking some warm milk. 

Make your bed a place of comfort.

Our mattress was old and noisy with springs that dug in our backs. We were desperately in need of a new one. 
Over the last month, we have been trialling a Simba mattress and Oh. My. Word. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on.

On delivery, the Simba Mattress was rolled up and vacuum packed in a box. It comes with a slicing tool to slice open the packaging and then it springs into life. Over the first couple of days it did have a faint smell to it but this fades rather quickly, sort of like when you first cook with a new oven. It’s a smell you will normally get with any memory foam products but as I said, it does fade rather quickly. 

We were supposed to leave it for a little while to ‘inflate’ but Paisley couldn’t resist jumping on it. 

Paisley bouncing one the Simba Mattress that we are reviewing
Boing! Well, Paisley likes the Simba Mattress for its bounce-ability

On our first night sleeping on it, I slept so well. I still woke up for a wee as normal but felt like I had been in a much deeper sleep. Liam wasn’t convinced and it took him a week or so to get used to it. However, we have both been using it for just over a month now and we have never slept better. 
The kids still sneak in, (who can blame them) and there is always at least one that will wake us up but our bed is now so unbelievably comfortable, we don’t mind even half as much

So what makes the Simba mattress so special?

The Simba Mattress is made up of different layers that each do a different job.  The top layer is Simba’s own hypoallergenic air flow sleep surface. This helps to provide freshness and aids temperature control. Next, the Simbatex gives cool, gentle support while beneath that, the 2,500 unique conical spring pockets individually adjust as you sleep. 
Then there is a layer of Visco memory foam that moulds itself to your body shape as though the mattress is made perfectly for you and finally the engineered support base has 7 zones to provide a perfect night’s sleep.

The Simba Hybrid’s flexible zoned base and unique patented springs also respond individually to each sleeper, so your movement doesn’t affect your partner.

There are 5 layers to the Simba mattress that are designed to fit you and your style of sleep
There are 5 layers to the Simba mattress that are designed to fit you and your style of sleep

One thing that still surprises me about the Simba Hybrid Mattress is how it doesn’t just instantly sink when you sit on it like our old one did. It’s nice to have such good support, whatever position you are in.

Since having the Simba Mattress, Liam and I have definitely slept better and even when the kids have got us up, we’ve still been comfortable so it’s not been as soul destroying 

We were sent this Simba mattress in kingsize to review and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend and if you’re not convinced, don’t worry. Simba offers a 100-night trial too!

Have you tried one yet? I’d love to know what you thought of it.

Looking to sleep better as parents? Have you tried replacing your mattress or getting your kids into a better routine
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  • Reply Julie September 20, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    That mattress sounds amazing. I can’t believe it comes delivered in a box! My youngest is six months and she is still waking several times per night. So I really do need my bed to be comfortable so that the little sleep that I do get, is good quality!

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby September 21, 2018 at 10:19 am

      Yes! I do love that the little sleep I get now is so much more comfortable than it was before. It makes such a difference having a comfortable bed

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