Sicky bugs, flowers and snot, Oh my!

April 2, 2014

Over the last week or so, Dexter and I have been a bit ill. I’ve had what feels like the worst cold in the history of all colds ever. I suspect its been something more than that but with Dexter having conjunctivitis on top of a viral infection, I’ve not had 2 seconds to feel sorry for myself. Its not like I can ring in sick and take a day off from motherhood.

We’ve missed out on baby club sessions and play dates to avoid passing the germs so have been feeling pretty miserable so my dear friend Claire sent me a lovely bunch of flowers to brighten my day. The lady that delivered them must have thought I was a right state when I opened the door. I’d just got Dexter to sleep in my arms and was wearing very unflattering pjs, my greasy hair tied back all straggly and messy and she just smiled and said ‘Flowers for Mrs Rickerby..?’ I must say I was rather confused but she offered to bring them in for me as I had my hands full and sensing my confusion she said ‘Oh yeah, theres a card in there, have a nice day”.
On opening the card I must say I had a few tears. Happy tears though of course, I don’t have an aversion to people sending me flowers, haha.


Dexter’s been having eye drops for his conjunctivitis and whoever thought giving eyedrops to babies, clearly never had kids. What a ball ache! The best way I’ve found of doing it has been to wait until he’s having his boobiejuice and put the cream on my finger, then just wipe it in when he isn’t expecting it. I’ve missed a few times so he’s worn it round his face but we’re getting better at it and his eyes are making an improvement.

We’ve had some quite nice weather over the last couple of days too. Although the sky hasn’t been all that blue, it has still been quite warm so we’ve been taking advantage and getting some vitamin D. We had a picnic on the green, we’ve fed the ducks and we went to the church to cut the grass around my sisters and granddads graves so we took  the picnic blanket and gave them a good tidy up, scrub and clean while we were there.


As this week has gone on we’ve started to get a bit better and Dexter is taking an interest in new things. He really likes the flowers Claire sent me and has spotted other flowers out and about too.  I show him how to sniff them and them put them too his nose so they tickle and he turns his head away, giggling. He’s so cute.

picnic 2 photohbfjknsvdm

Anyway, after a horrible week and a half, we’re both on the mend. Dexter is still cranky when it comes to nap times but at least he’s getting back to being my giggly little smiler and I no longer have a sore throat and ten tons of snot. I have 3 tons. Dexter has 4.

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