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Should We Ever Go On Holiday Without Our Children?

June 18, 2019

To some parents, it may seem like an act of heresy. But if you feel that your relationship is suffering or your priorities have been just about the children all this time, your thoughts may very well turn to going on holiday without the little critters. But should we ever do this? Or is it something that, if we ever were to try it, that we would feel so guilty that we’d come rushing back home? In fact, there are many parents who go on holiday without their children, and there are some valid reasons why you should try it…

You Need Couple Time

Let’s face it, we are dedicated to our children, and we do everything with their best interests in mind, we can put our relationship as a secondary need. These days, as couples are seldom able to spend quality time, save a few date nights in the kitchen, it doesn’t feel like proper “couple time.” You both need to recapture that spark you had before the children came along. And a holiday where it’s just the two of you, doing the things that you want to do is a very easy way to get back to a simpler time. Of course, you may feel very guilty that you’re leaving your children at home, but your children may also need a holiday from you as well. If you are a parent that is laying down the law on a constant basis, it’s exhausting for both sides. This means you’ve got to have the opportunity to let your hair down.

There Is Much Less Debate

Not just in terms of the destination, but when you plan a family holiday, it can always seem more stress than it’s worth. Picking a destination for the two of you is essential so you can recapture a simpler time. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can afford more than one holiday during the course of a year. In which case, you can go on a family holiday, but also have an opportunity to go as a couple as well. It’s all about the experience, and if you want the opportunity to relax but also get a few destinations under your belt, you can go on one of the many Bolsover luxury cruises that can take you pretty much anywhere.

As a family holiday can be one of those really stressful things, not to mention incredibly expensive, if you and your partner decide to go on holiday where it’s just the two of you, it’s your duty to pick things that you know will rejuvenate you both. You could go on a package holiday to a villa by the sea, where you can just laze for two weeks, sleeping in the sunshine, reading books. Or if you want something a little bit more, you can go on the many adventure packages. But what you have to remember when picking a destination is to make sure that it will benefit you both. The temptation can be to get a holiday package that makes you escape from your normal life. But if you choose a holiday that’s going to exhaust you, and you come back to your children feeling like you need another holiday, this is counterintuitive.

Your Children Can Benefit From You Being Away

While we can have an abundance of parental guilt for going on holiday without our children, we have to remember that they can have some quality time without us. If we are the type of parent that has an active involvement in every aspect of their lives, as much as this is coming from the right place, we could very well find ourselves stifling them in minuscule ways. After all, we could embarrass them on social occasions, or we do our best to minimise their TV time. But rather than thinking that our children are going to burn the house down in our absence, it can actually help to develop their independence and resilience.

They can feel like they’re having a holiday from you. As such, they may stay up late watching TV or playing on their phones, but at the same time, they can spend more time with each other. If you’ve already got it arranged that the grandparents are looking after them, it’s also a way for them to spend quality time with other people that aren’t you. It’s about variety. And while we, as parents, may constantly panic about them going off the rails, realistically, what can happen in the space of a couple of weeks? You’ve entrusted them with someone that will lay down the law if it really gets out of hand. But they will also miss you at the same time. And this is one of the big lessons that we can all learn, especially if we are in each other’s pockets. Giving our children the opportunity to miss us can help cement our relationship with them. It’s important that we all have time away, not just so we have a break, but so our children can learn to thrive on their own initiative, but get that variety that we just don’t provide them in our day-to-day lives. And if you really are feeling parental guilt, no doubt you will be calling them every couple of days!

Should We Go On Holiday Without Our Children?

There are plenty of benefits to going away without our children. But if you are worried about what mess you will return to, or you feel parental guilt, perhaps this says more about your own perceptions of being a parent? We all need a break from our family lives, but we seldom have the opportunity to do it. Think about having a holiday as a real chance to decompress. And even if you don’t have a couple of weeks, maybe it’s just a long weekend, they are always beneficial. After all, if you spend so much time on the parental treadmill, you get stressed, and you stop looking after yourself. Going on holiday is one of those things that appear to be stressful when you go with the family, so why don’t you save yourself that stress?

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