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Secret Saviours – Can you really avoid stretch marks in pregnancy?

July 19, 2017

While I was pregnant with Bridget, I had the opportunity to try out the Secret Saviours anti stretch mark kit. I had preexisting stretch marks and they’ve never really bothered me but if I had the choice, like most, I guess I’d rather not have them.

Well, apparently, they CAN be avoided.

What’s in the kit?

The anti stretch mark kit consists of a bump support band, a day cream and a night cream. The support band has small rubber pads over the inside that cling to your belly when using the day cream. The pattern of the small pads appears random but is actually designed so that there is no straight line through the pattern. This is because stretch marks are formed when the skin tears internally after being stretched too much.
The creams come in pump bottles. To use, you simply rub in 2 or 3 pumps of the day cream in to your belly and then wear the band all day. At night, remove the band and use 2 or 3 pumps of the night cream and sleep without the band on.

How to order.

The band comes in a choice of black or pink. To select the correct size, just measure round the largest part of your bump. I had the black in a size medium. Depending on your bump growth, you may need to order a bigger size further along in your pregnancy. Both the creams and the band can be bought separately with the creams costing £23.99 each and the band costing £29.99 but to buy them as a kit for £69.95 will save you £8. I was sent the kit in exchange for this review, but you can order yours here.

Does it work.

As I mentioned, I had some stretch marks already from previously being overweight and also already having 2 kids. above, in the montage is a picture of my bump at 17 weeks when I first received the kit. Most items I review, I write about straight away but with this product, I had to test it over a decent amount of time before I could give you my verdict.

33 weeks

I took pictures of my bump at different stages of my pregnancy to compare and I think its safe to say, the stretch marks didn’t get any worse than they originally were.
Now, it could mean that it works and it works really well, or it could simply be that I wasn’t going to get any more stretch marks anyway but, Bridget was measuring above the centile lines on all of my growth scans and I had polyhydramnios (lots of fluid) so my bump grew quite large. I’d say If I was going to get stretch marks on any of my pregnancies, it would be this one!
Did I use it religiously? No, but to this was the worst pregnancy of my three and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t even get dressed or brush my teeth ‘religiously’ either. There were some days I felt so absolutely awful, rubbing my belly with cream and wearing the band all day were the furthest things from my mind.

I certainly think it helped prevent my current stretch marks from getting any worse. Below are some more pictures of my bump as it grew so you can see for yourself. I’m not massive on self care routines, I’m too lazy and I rarely take ‘me time’ but if that is something that you do and would like to look after your skin during pregnancy then I would certainly say it’s worth using.

28 weeks

37 weeks – My last bump shot


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