Saying C’est la vie to life’s little Oooops moments – with Lights by TENA

January 30, 2018

Are you in the ‘New Year, new me’ mindset? 2018 is going to be all about embracing life’s little Oooops moments and feeling super confident as you do it. C’est la vie! So, whether you’re wanting to perfect your squat technique, banish those bingo wings or get involved in that super-sweaty spin class, do so knowing that Lights by TENA has you completely covered.

Having 3 children has certainly affected my pelvic floor and I’ll be the first to hold my had up and say I am RUBBISH at remembering to do my pelvic floor exercises. But it’s not just me. In a recent ‘Lights by TENA survey of 1000 women, 61% said they don’t make time to work on their pelvic floor.

The range of LightsbyTENA

Paula Igualada-Martinez, pelvic floor expert, said:Little leaks can affect women of all ages and occur for a variety of reasons, mainly due to weakened pelvic floor muscles. Women now have the solution to combat light bladder weakness thanks to lights by TENA’s pelvic floor fitness app, ‘my PFF’.

Last week I was invited along to an event to relaunch the Lights by TENA My PFF appNicole Tyrer, Brand Manager for lights by TENA Talked to us about the reasons our pelvic floor weakens and gave us some fascinating statistics. Did you know for example, light bladder weakness is actually more common that hayfever? and 35% of women still see light bladder weakness as a taboo subject. If it happens to more than half of UK women, surely it’s something we need to be talking about? 

After hearing some astounding facts and figures, we were then introduced to the Lights by TENA range. So confident were they in their product, they even gave us some bottles of water to test them out with.
The Lights range are purposely designed for little leaks – they absorb liquid really quickly and then lock it in to keep you feeling dry. Bold claims right?

So thin!!

I’m not kidding when I say I was surprised at how quickly it absorbed. The pad was super thin to start with and did expand a bit, but it wasn’t huge so that it would be uncomfortable to wear, and it really pulled the liquid through. I hope some of you reading this would have seen it on my Insta-stories as it really was impressive. It felt dry to the touch in seconds.

We (myself and a bunch of other lovely bloggers) were then introduced to the newly relaunched ‘My Pelvic Floor’ app, My PFF.

Post boogie bounce sweaty selfie with the girls. Putting our pelvic floors and lights by TENA to the test.

Post boogie bounce sweaty selfie with the girls.

Within the app you are able to set and turn on useful reminders to squeeze throughout the day. You can track your progress as you work your way through the 3 difficulty levels, and there are also helpful tutorials. What’s more, the app is free to download. Simply visit or search My PFF in the Apple or Android app stores.


At the end of the meeting, we were then given the chance to put out pelvic floor and lights By TENA to the test in a boogie bounce session. I thought I was much more coordinated than it turns out I am but the session was great fun and I certainly worked up an appetite for the delicious buffet lunch that followed.

From now on, I will be keeping a couple of discreet, ultra-thin lights by TENA products in my bag – along with the breast pads, sanitary products and two different sizes of nappies.

“Both the lights by TENA Light Liner and lights by TENA Liner keep you 5x drier than regular liners** and the lights by TENA Ultra towel absorbs 2x faster than ordinary towels***, leaving you fresh and dry all day long!The entire range also features unique FeelFresh Technology™ that combines a quick-dry topsheet and innovative fluid distribution layers to effortlessly control moisture and odour. Thus, giving you complete peace of mind and the confidence to tackle whatever Oooops moments come your way.”

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