How to Save Energy in the Winter

February 2, 2018

When the winter months roll around, we usually accept the fact that our energy bills will go up. The cold of the UK winter normally calls for more nights spent in front of the telly, hot bubble baths, the heating on and the kettle boiling for extra cups of tea and hot water bottles!

If you’re looking for a way to make sure your winter energy bills aren’t sky-high, here are a few tips to keep the cold out of your home and your bills down: *This is a collaborative post*

Cosy and warm


Get Rid of Draughts

To make your home cosier, make sure you close the internal doors in your home to trap the heat in each room. This means you’ll use less energy trying to warm up your house.

And for extra cosy points, invest in some draught excluders or thick mats to block the heat from escaping from under those pesky gaps under the doors.

Use the Heat from the Sun

Take full advantage of any south-facing windows in your home and the sunlight will naturally heat your home. On an evening, close your curtains to keep the heat in and reduce the chill you might feel from draughty windows.

Even better, invest in some thermal energy saving curtains, like those available from Swift Blinds. They’ll keep your home warm in the winter and help you conserve energy in those colder months.

Don’t Block the Radiators

It isn’t energy efficient to put furniture or sofas in front of your radiators as they absorb the heat and ultimately, your room doesn’t get the chance to heat up.

For an even more efficient way to get the most your of your heating, think about buying radiator reflectors. Instead of heating up the wall behind it, the heat from the radiator is reflected back into the room, making it warmer and more insulated too!

Set Your Heating

Automatic timers are a godsend in the winter – you can set each room to be at different temperatures depending on when you’ll be using them, and programme your heaters to turn on and off at varying points during the day!

That way, you can find the most efficient days and times to use your heating. For example, it doesn’t make sense to have the heating still run when you’re at work or when you’re asleep.

There are simple solutions to save energy, whether it’s rearranging your furniture to feel the benefits of your radiators or opening and closing your blinds to get the most out of the suns warm rays. Use our top tips to keep your home cosy and you could reduce your energy bills in the winter!

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