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March 28, 2015

Dexter is watching Bing today!

Dexter LOVES Bing. At 21 months he can point to all the characters when you name them and can say’s Bing, Flop, Coco, Charlie and ‘Go go go go goooo’. Probably more but those are the ones I know of.

If you aren’t familiar with Bing, allow me to explain…

Based on the books by Ted Dewan, Bing is a young bunny, who lives with his carer Flop. He’s an inquisitive pre-schooler that is learning something new everyday. Sometimes he gets hurt, sometimes he makes a mess, sometimes he just doesn’t like the way things go, but with Flop’s help, he will always find a lesson in the days activities and share it with you at the end of the episode. He loves ‘Hoppity Voosh’, Helping Flop and playing with all of his friends…
Sula, a young female elephant that lives with her Carer, Ama who runs the nursery. Sula loves sparkles and fairy magic.
Pando, a young male panda that lives with his carer Padget who runs the local shop. Pando is almost guaranteed to take his shorts off in any episode he’s in. He likes trucks and the park.
Coco, a slightly older rabbit who lives with her carer and her baby brother Charlie. Charlie likes to chew things and giggle. Coco likes to dress up and share her knowledge.

“Celebrating the noisy, joyful, messy reality of life when you’re a pre-schooler, Bing stories are small but they are full of drama – everyday dramas that all young children and the grown-ups in their lives will recognise.
Each episode is told in real time and from Bing’s point of view, celebrating the mishaps, mess, energy and wonder with the reassuring exclamation ‘It’s a Bing Thing!'”

Last week, an email landed on my phone inviting us to a special launch screening of the new Bing dvd. I forwarded it to my husband asking if we could go (he said yes without really reading it) and then I booked our train tickets for the following morning. This was set to be one of Dexter’s most exciting days ever!
He has a bit of an obsession with trains lately. Not just cartoon trains or toy ones like most toddlers, actual working trains that make noise and smell and go fast, so he was very excited when we boarded ours and headed to London. Once there, it was like he’d died and gone to heaven with the tubes that we jumped on and off! His face was pure delight.
We made our way to the Soho Hotel where a special spread of delicious pastries were laid out as well as refreshments. I had every intention of being good but my slimming world plan went out of the window long before I’d got to my 5th or 6th pastry. Dexter has a croissant or two and we Liam decided not to have more than one as the crumbs were getting in his beard. Lol.

There was a man doing balloon modelling that had a big Bing ballon on his head. I wish I’d got a photo now as it was quite good. He made Dexter a little bunny which we left behind. He’s also made some of the little girls some fantastic wands with hearts on the end and some had flowers while the boys were playing with swords and things.

There was also 2 ladies doing some beautiful face paints. Lots of stunning intricate designs with lots and lots of sparkle magic.
Dexter has never had face paint on before so we opted for something quite small. A caterpillar on his cheek. He sat still while it was painted but he didn’t seem too impressed with it all until we showed him a mirror.facepaint

We also did some colouring of the Bing characters and Dexter said Coco for the first time and pointed to her.  After a while, we were called in to the cinema room. As soon as he saw Bing on the big screen his face just lit up. He sat so well at the back of the room on the comfy seats and smiled the whole time. As to be expected with any toddler, he did get a bit fidgety after a couple of episodes but we were prepared for that and managed to still keep him quiet so as not to ruin it for others. Despite the fidgeting and seat swapping he managed to watch the entire DVD with no fuss and was so well behaved and after every episode he asked for more.  Liam and I kept looking at each other and then him, just so proud of how good he was and how happy he was, just watching with lots of other children. It was a very special

Without giving too much away, the episodes we watched were…

Bye bye – Bing is sad when he pops his balloon so Flop helps him put it in the bye bye box so he can keep it safe and never forget it.
Swing – Bing is upset when Pando won’t take turns on the swing and then runs in front of him and gets knocked down. “Even if its your turn, you mustn’t run in front of a swing”
Blocks – Coco, Bing and Charlie all want the same block. Charlie wants to chew it, Bing wants it for his tower and Coco wants it for her rainy-bo, so they find a way to all play together.
Ducks – Bing and Sula feed the ducks. Bing isn’t very good at being statue still so throws all his food in to get to ducks to come over… but gets more than he bargained for.
Smoothie – This one is one of my most favourite episodes. Brenda the blender catches Bing’s carrot and makes it into a carrot smoothie. Bing wants his carrot back but once you mix it up, you cant mix it down again. The ‘banana dance/song’ in this is fantastic.
Frog – Bing and Sula find a frog in the garden and want to make it a nice cosy house but then Froggy goes away. Bing and Sula learn that what they like isn’t what Froggy likes.
Car Park – Bing wants to play car park but Charlie keeps messing it up. Flop takes Charlie away to play something else but then Bing realises it’s much more fun to play together than on your own.
Shadow – Bing plays with his shadow but then it starts to rain so he goes inside. He thinks his shadow is still outside but Flop helps him learn that you shadow stays with you, “but if the light can’t see you, your shadow can’t come out to play”.
Musical Statues – Bing thinks that because he chose what to play, he should win but when Pando won, he got upset and didn’t want to play anymore and everyone else carried on. Flop helps him see that just because you pick the game, it doesn’t always mean you’ll win.
Voo voo – Bing and flop make a mess that soggy froggy can’t drink up so they enlist the help of Voo voo the vacuum cleaner but then Voo voo eats Bing’s car! Flop comes comes to the rescue.

The Dvd runs for approximately an hour and is released on March 30th. It gets the Dexter seal of approval for sure and comes highly recommend by me, too! You can preorder it here. It is by far one of the best children’s programmes I’ve seen in a long while and is well worth the watch. Your young ones are sure to love it!

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