How the Rickerbys Decorate for Christmas

December 6, 2017

If you haven’t guessed already, I bloody love Christmas! It’s my favourite time of year and I just love to decorate the house. I’m quite traditional with my decorations and I thought I would give you a little tour to show you just how what we do to bring the festive feels to our home. A couple of items in this post have been provided to us this year to be included in this post but I’ll tell you which ones. You’ll also find a little youtube vid at the bottom if you want to watch that too.

Whiskey Bauble from Find Me A Gift.

Whiskey Bauble from Find Me A Gift.

First up, and a new addition to the decorations this year is this Wicker Star which we were sent from Melody Maison. I absolutely love this. It’s quite big at 81cm tall, so it’s a great feature for a plain wall. It’s battery operated so you don’t need to worry about hiding a power cable and the battery pack sits neatly inside, out of view. Also, it’s not all that heavy so it doesn’t require a massive hook.

Around the top of the room, we have a string of lights. These were originally on our tree with another set but the second set dies a death this year. These were from Homebase about 4 years ago and they are currently held up with about 20 command hooks around the room. The current tree lights are also from Homebase this year. They are indoor/outdoor lights with a sequence button. As a general rule of thumb, I say you’ll need around 100 lights per footage of tree but we have 800 on here so we have a few extras. These cost £25 at the start of November. I’d really like to get another set of these for outside too. (Our outside lights have also come to the end of their life this year – about a week after I put them up! They were, however, held up with some Sugru which is great for making hooks with and is now holding up my garland outside)

Lights around the living room

Living Room be Lit!

Whiskey Baubles from FindMeAGIft

Whisky Baubles from FindMeAGift

On our tree, I mean there’s a lot on there but… Whisky Baubles! I am so excited about these and how we haven’t cracked them open so far is beyond me. These were sent to us  from
Each year, we all pick a new decoration to go on the tree. Eventually the kids will leave home and they will be able to start their tree off with a few baubles from their childhood and hopefully, they will carry on the tradition themselves.
There is literally so much stuff on my tree but it’s one thing that always makes me smile. I’m super proud of it and it always gets compliments. There is a bit of a bald patch on it this year as Paisley is at an age where everything is hers and even if it’s not, it is and she has to touch! We were also going to adorn it with strings of popcorn this year that Dexter and I sat and threaded but as soon as it was on the tree, Pais took it off and ate it! But she’s learning and nothing is broken… Yet!

Just a handful of our tree ornaments for this year

Dexter’s Reindeer from about 2 years ago

My sister – She was as big a Christmas lover as me so it’s only right that she is a part of our Christmas still x

Threading popcorn.. it didn’t last on the tree


Our hand decorated advent Calendar. I'm quite proud of this!

Our hand decorated Advent Calendar. I’m quite proud of this!

Hanging from our lampshade we have a sprig of mistletoe. I mean, if you don’t have a smooch under the mistletoe, is it even Christmas?


On our photo wall, we have our advent calendar. This was a blank ‘decorate your own’ type one from Hobbycraft that we bought around Dexter’s first Christmas. They don’t sell this one anymore but they do have something similar. I’ve seen online that you can also get trains and things too so there is plenty of choices out there if you have a rummage around the net.

This has 24 drawers so that you can fill it with whatever you want. I normally put a very small chocolate in along with a piece of paper that gives an activity to do that day. Some of those are Christmas crafts, some are things like writing to, or go visit Father Christmas. We like to vary this with lots of different festive things so it event includes going to Christmas carols and donating to food banks and charity shops etc.

Our snowman doorstop makes an appearance every year along with the kid’s stockings. all of these are from TK Maxx and are about 5 years old. the Santa and snowman stockings were mine and Liam’s but we’ve given them to Dexter and Paisley. Bridget has the owl one in the middle.

Outside we have a garland and a wreath. The wreath, I actually made myself as part of a blogging challenge a couple of years ago. I did put lights out here in amongst it all but they’ve stopped working as I said so they do need replacing.

Anyway, this is how we have decorated this year. Next year we hope to have Christmas bedding and new lights and so much more. I always get so excited for Christmas and then it’s here all of a sudden and I’ve not done half the things I’ve planned. Feel free to watch the video below and I’d absolutely love it if you would subscribe to my channel. Thank you!

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  • Reply Lucy H December 6, 2017 at 11:46 am

    Oh my, I love this SOOOOO very much. That wicker star is gorgeous. And I love the fact that your sister is included in Christmas still. We always buy a decoration for the tree each year too. But I’d never thought of giving the kids some of these decorations when they leave home. What a gorgeous idea!!!! We also have the same problem with our tree. It is very middle heavy as that is where Little Miss H could reach to place the decorations but they are then away from Little Mister H’s inquisitive hands. Brilliant post lovely. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby December 6, 2017 at 11:58 am

      You let your kids decorate your tree?????? Hahaha, I need a second tree for them I think, my tree is MYYYY tree. Not even Liam gets to help! The star is lovely, isn’t it? I really like its rusticy sort of feel.
      Thanks for popping over Lucy 🙂

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