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Red and green make….. MESS!!

February 4, 2014

I thought I’d try something a bit different with Dexter today.
He’s not yet played with paint. I was saving it for when he’s a bit older as he puts everything in his mouth still but it’s non toxic so I thought why not.
Plus it washes off quite easily.

For this simple activity I just used 2 colours for a bit of contrast and dotted a few blobs on his high chair tray…


He didn’t seem impressed but he put his fingers in anyway…



He really wasn’t too interested in it so I changed it up a bit, I washed his tray off and then mixed some paint with corn flour to make it a bit gloopy. I thought he might prefer the texture. He didn’t really want to touch it, he was bored of it straight away so I grabbed his hands and gave them a swish in the paint to help spread it about a bit more…


He made it very clear he was not impressed at all, so I left him there while I went off to run him a quick bath…

He obviously decided it was best to play with paint when nobody was looking because when I had returned…. This happened!


He pretty much turned the bath water pink with one hand!!


He was much happier playing in the water. I think paint can wait for another day now.


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