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Puddle jumping with Dry Kids

February 8, 2018

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. Hi, I’m the messy mum. I’m often encouraging my kids to play in the mud, look at the bugs and get mucky. The wetter, the better – but only in appropriate clothing, am I right? Not “let’s go puddle jumping in the biggest and muddiest puddle, on the way to school, in clean uniform..!”

People complain about the weather here in England, but we love a good puddle and quite often, we can be found at the weekend, searching for the deepest ones and seeing who can make the biggest splash. The kids love to run through them or scoot through them. We love the mess the really muddy ones make too. We’ve even been known to make our own puddles in our Tuff Spot Tray* when the weather has been dry…

If there are no puddles… make your own!

! We were recently sent these all-in-one raincoats from Dry Kids. We chose one for each of the kids and all slightly bigger than needed so that they would last a while. Even Bridget got one, ready for when she’s toddling around. This also meant, when its cold, they have room to layer up quite warmly and still get the coats on over the top..

We chose green, yellow and red, but they are also available in pink, blue and navy

We chose green, yellow and red, but they are also available in pink, blue and navy

Each of the raincoats has a reflective lining across the chest and in the hood to help them be seen. The sleeves are elasticated, as are the waist and feet, perfect for tucking in or over wellies.
Although they aren’t lined, the material is thicker than I imagined it to be. They are going to be great in both winter and summer showers. Sadly though, since we’ve received them we’ve had drizzle, but no rain enough for making puddles. If it doesn’t rain this weekend, I’m really going to have to get the hosepipe out and take matters into my own hands.

Green for Dexter, Yellow for Paisley & Red for Didge

The raincoats come in a range of colours. We chose some neutral options with green, yellow and red (I’m already planning on these being passed down – #QueenOfTheHandMeDowns) but they are also available in blue, navy and pink.
They zip up from the bottom of one leg, all the way up to the chin and have a mesh lining in the hood. I can’t wait to get out and get the kids splashing about in them. and as we haven’t had a chance to just yet, here’s a picture from the past of Dexter having a good old splash in the mud. Who doesn’t love muddy puddle jumping?

Mud, glorious mud! I cant wait to get the kids out in this puddle again soon!



*This is an affiliate link. That means if you purchase through this link, I might have a chance at earning some commision for recommending the product. However, it cost you nothing more than you would already spend.


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