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August 27, 2020

When you run a business online, having and using your online presence to its full potential can make a big difference to the engagement-based and profit-based results you could be receiving.

The percentage of instore shoppers is rapidly depleting which means that your competition doesn’t just live next door but, on your computer, phone and tablet. How is it possible to be the best in this sea of competition? Let’s analyse some of the areas where you might be able to improve your online presence. 

Your Website 

Is your website equipped to fulfil the needs of your customers? 

If you don’t have a physical shop and all your products are ordered via phone or email, why not make use of your website by making it Ecommerce? This means that your website will have the functionality for users to purchase online which is the preferred method of many shoppers.

Perhaps you’re not just selling online but in-store too. If your website is an addition to your shop, then the question is…are you customers going to recognise you online? Make sure your branding, logo and colour scheme are the same online as they are offline, that way you maintain consistency for your current audience and anyone who hears about your via word of mouth can spot you online easily as they will have been told what to look out for.

Social Media

Expanding further in the online world never hurt.

Signing up for a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page for your business only helps to grow your potential for a sales! Afterall, this is about what being online is all about…getting people to your website so they can learn al about you and invest in your products or services.

Social media can work as a shortcut for those new online businesses who need a free, simple way to drive traffic to their websites but aren’t ready to put their budget into outsourced optimisation. Being on various platforms helps you engage with different audiences and can be a nice way to quickly promote your new products or services.


Once you’ve got your website and social media business accounts set up, you will quickly come to realise it can be difficult to run a business and manage your businesses social media efficiently, which why it can be beneficial to have another pair of hands to do it for you.

Stockport website design doesn’t just implement updates and new content onto your site, but they can also optimise its performance too. Even if nothing changes on your site for a while, they can utilise multiple Search Engine Optimisation strategies which will help push your website to number one in Googles search results (FYI: most users don’t get past the first page when searching for something online, so SEO is a great way to improve your chances of being seen). 
Some businesses can even do tailored optimising for you – like Audiology SEO from Auris – that exclusively helps audiology practices around the world with their SEO strategy

If you’re only just beginning your online journey then responsive web design should be implemented as soon as possible to ensure your presentation is perfect and you look like a legitimate business to unfamiliar users. 

There has never been a better time to expand your business online, and with the right team of experts behind you, success will fall into your lap.

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