Pregnancy update – 3rd pregnancy – 33 weeks

May 19, 2017
It’s been about 10 weeks since I last wrote a pregnancy update. Truth is I’ve been feeling pretty rotten. Pregnancy is certainly not the glowing, beautiful experience that many women sail through. For me, this time it has completely sucked.
Some days, like today I only just about manage to get out of bed. Other days I’ve been achey and sick and barely moved from the sofa. I wish I had something more exciting to tell you but I just don’t I’m afraid… So, on with the post.

Weeks Gestation – 33

Due date – Technically July 3rd – I have already been told that I will be induced at 38/39 weeks but they could also look at bringing that forward so your guess is as good as mine. With Dexter, I was induced at 37 weeks and Paisley I was sort of induced (in a way at 38). I’m guessing/hoping for around 36ish weeks with this one.

Size of baby – Apparently measuring around 4 weeks ahead. Plotting 2 lines above the 90th centile and was estimated at 5lbs 8oz at the last scan on may 5th. Also, I’m carrying so much fluid, they’re really concerned about that too.

Issues – Well firstly, I’ve always had high blood pressure so I’ve been on aspirin from the start.
Since then I’ve had issues with my iron levels to the point I’ve needed to sit down every few minutes for fear of passing out. In a shop with my mum I had to sit down about 5 times in one shop! I think I have that balanced now but nobody has checked that in about 6 weeks. I also now have Gestational Diabetes – Which, I wont lie, has been pretty shit. I am not coping with it at all well and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I have found a group online which was recommend to me by a few other GD mums and honestly it’s such a helpful group but even so, I find myself eating the same few limited things and then having to force them down because I don’t want to eat them. I’m basically cutting out sugar and a majority of carbs to bring my blood sugar levels down and even then I still get the odd high number and my fasting levels are always above where they should be. It’s really worrying as GD doesn’t just cause ‘bigger babies’. Big babies increase the risk of needing an induction or caesarean and also shoulder dystocia (where the baby’s shoulder gets stuck during labour making it very difficult for them to breath, but GD can also cause things like newborn hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar levels), jaundice, premature birth- which of course has it’s own issues, miscarriage, still birth, Placenta insufficiency, polyhydramnios (too much fluid), IUGR (growth restriction) and Preeclampsia. Is there any wonder I’m stressed?

Sleep: The last couple of nights, I’ve found it really difficult to get to sleep. Heartburn has been playing a massive part in this but I’ve also been having some pains in various places that make it really hard to get comfy or turn over. 

Food cravings: Not cravings as such but I certainly want to eat all the sugar and carbs I’m not allowed. On the same hand, I don’t even want to cheat and have a little bit because its just not worth the risk to the baby. The last couple of days I’ve been basically living on nuts and crackers just trying to keep something down.

Gender: Truth is… With everything that is going on this time, I decided I DID want to know, So I asked Liam and he told me.
If you remember, Liam wanted to know and I didn’t, I wanted the surprise. So the sonographer told Liam and not me. Well, I decided I needed a way to bond with this baby as it’s all been so stressful lately – so I now know what we are having. It will be interesting to see how many people actually read this though If/when I get people asking me what it is. Because by the way, I’m still not telling you! Hahaha.

Baby developments – We’ve had a couple of scares with reduced movement but everything has been fine at the hospital. It’s normally such an active little thing so it’s very alarming when you don’t feel anything. Other than that, I couldn’t even tell you, everything else has been so focused on the issues I’ve hd that they’ve never really said anything about the baby so I’m just assuming everything else is fine.
In the last update, I mentioned that baby had a hole in the heart and we had to go to Great Ormond Street Hospital to have that checked out by a specialist. We’ve since been back and they are pretty certain the hole has closed up but baby will need to be checked at 4 weeks old to make sure.

 My bump – Bloody massive, it is!

Exercise – Ha! You saw where I struggle to get out of bed right? Exercise? Yeah right!

Baby items purchased – Nappies, couple of odd unisex clothing items, nothing much really.

Baby Names – Picked and sorted.

What I’m looking forward to – It all being over and having my baby safe in my arms while I snack on pâté on toast washed down with a cold glass of mars milkshake!

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