Pregnancy 3 update – 17 weeks

January 23, 2017

I thought it was about time I wrote a little pregnancy update. So far I’m 17 weeks and I’ve not really told you anything yet apart from the announcement and that this is the last Rickerby baby. So let’s catch you all up…

Weeks Gestation – 17

Due date – Technically July 3rd but I doubt I will get to full term. I haven’t with the other two. It would be nice but I don’t see it happening. I suspect I will be induced around the 38 week mark for something like high blood pressure and/or pre-eclampsia-like symptoms.

Size of baby – Apparently the size of a pear. About 5.12 inches in length.. according to google, that is.

Stretch marks? No new ones.

Sleep: Waking up once a night on average for water and then to pee. Have just bought myself a big new V cushion so that might help me as I get further along. Paisley has stolen my other one.

Food cravings: I craved roast potatoes really badly for about 2 weeks but that faded as quickly as it came on. I wrote about it here and asked some other bloggers about their cravings too.  I’m finding I’m having more food aversions than anything. Not for anything in particular. I’ll cook dinner for us all and then when I come to sit down to eat it, I instantly don’t want it. Maybe its just hot food because other meals are fine.

Morning sickness: None.

Gender: Unknown. For this pregnancy, as it is very likely to be our last I am on #TeamYellow. Liam would like to find out and a few members of my family want to know but only Liam will actually know. I don”t want him to tell me and he wont be telling anyone else. People have a habit of letting things slip and I want to find out at the birth when Liam hand him or her to me and tells me their name. We already have a girl and a boy and have kept all their stuff so it makes no odds. Anything else we buy for this one will be in bright, bold colours and not creams or white. Unisex but not plain.

I may play a little game on here and let people guess according to old wives tales but we’ll see.

Baby developments – No idea. I can’t feel anything as I have an anterior placenta. Nobody at the hospital told me this. I happened to find out while looking for something else in my notes. That means my placenta is at the front so I am less likely to feel movements at the moment.

 My bump – Feels so much bigger this time round. I’m living in maternity jeans already.

 My symptoms – Tiredness and heartburn mainly –  the wonders of pregnancy!  Running round after a preschooler and an almost toddler is hard enough somedays, without adding pregnancy into the mix. Mostly I feel ok but I could easily nap twice a day if the kids did and I didn’t have stuff to do.

Exercise – Nothing specific but I’m doing a lot of walking with the buggy so that helps.

Baby items purchased – One cute little onesie I spotted in the charity shop. Like I said above, I’m going for bold and bright colours suitable for boy or girl. There isn’t really a lot I need to buy this time round as we have so much stuff but some new clothes of it’s own would most definitley be nice.

Baby Names – We have a girls name we love and an idea of a middle name. We did have a boys first and middle name sorted but I’m going off it a bit to be honest. We need to get names picked before our 20 weeks scan really because I don’t want to be talking about girls names and Liam already knows its a boy for example and then I suss it out. Or vice versa. I’d like the name choices locked in so we haven’t got to talk about it.

What I’m looking forward to – A new car! We won’t have a new one for a while but we are going to have to get one before the baby comes as our current one only has a total of 4 seats! Plus it will feel like ‘our car’. The current one feels like its Liam’s car. He bought it at the start of our relationship. I didn’t pay anything towards it, I can’t drive it and it’s never really been anything to do with me, whereas this will be our family car, meant for all of us.

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