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Playmobil City Life – Children’s Playground

November 27, 2018

We’ve done it. We’ve joined the Playmobil family.
My kids are definitely not short on toys but Playmobil is something we’ve not purchased before. So when Smyths Toys offered us the chance to review a new Playmobil set, exclusive to them, we thought we’d give it a go. We were given a choice of 2 sets in exchange for an honest review and opted for the City Life Children’s Playground. Thoughts and pictures are our own.

Playmobil set City Life Children's Playground. Exclusive to Smyths
Our First Playmobil

Playmobil City Life – First impressions of the Children’s Playground

Upon arrival, we agreed the large colourful box was very exciting. The back of the box showed everything that we would find inside with many pieces showing their true size. Pictures were clear and easy to understand.

Upon opening, we found lots of plastic bags with separate parts for various areas of the Playground. There were also about 10 stickers to add to some of the bits and also an instruction booklet of how to assemble it all.

Assembling the Playmobil City Life Playground – Bridget was loving the carousel

The instruction booklet was very clear so that we could easily see what bits we needed and how to put them together. Some bit could have perhaps come preassembled in my opinion, but I do find them to be quite strong and sturdy so I don’t think any of them would break easily. 

Let’s get playing…

I set everything up so that I could get a couple of pictures while the kids were eating lunch but once they were finished and they were more than ready to play. 
They both love spinning the carousel, which spins surprisingly well. Even Bridget got excited to see it going round (although we didn’t let her play with anything else because she’s one for putting things in her mouth)

Th skateboard ramp is one of Dexter’s favourite parts.

Paisley has enjoyed pretending to drink from the tiny drink bottles and they’ve really enjoyed taking their characters around the Playground.

I think Dexter’s favourite part was the skateboard ramp. He even makes sure the skateboarder is wearing the helmet.

They both played with this set together nicely for hours after opening it. There are more than enough different parts that they don’t have to fight over any of it and they both move round and play with each section.

Playing nicely together

What did I think of the Playmobil City Life Children’s Playground?

As a parent, I had mixed views. To start with, the amount of pieces was a bit overwhelming. Especially when all three kids were so excited to get into it all so we had bits going everywhere. Also, even when everything is assembled, there are still quite a few tiny bits that will be very easy to lose.

The Playmobil City Life Children's Playground is a great starter set to your Playmobil collection
The swings and carousel actually move really well

However – Those small pieces are actually really cute and do help to make the play set what it is. There are tiny squirrels and birds that sit in the trees or on top of the swing set. Lots of little food items and bits for the sand pit and even things like bikes or a buggy for the baby.

It’s a great set to start your Playmobil collection as it has plenty to get you going including 9 figures. It doesn’t need any batteries and doesn’t make any annoying noises.

It retails currently at £39.99 and is exclusive to Smyths toys.
I’m converted and if my three wanted future sets, I wouldn’t say no.

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