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Planning a Moana Holiday Experience in Hawaii

February 1, 2018

So far, The Messy Blog Family are yet to have a holiday and with January being the month that so many people start to book for the year ahead, I’ve been thinking about where we would like to go. Over the last year, we must have watched Moana roughly eleventy billion times so it makes sense that one of my ideas for a holiday destination would be Hawaii where the kids could experience a true paradise island experience like their heroine. Of course, this is all ‘money-no-object-dream-vacation style ideas’  – So what is there to do in Hawaii that would give them a true Moana experience? *This is a Sponsored Post*

Where to stay?

There are so many beautiful places that we could stay. I mean look at this place for example…This is in Maui, which is perfect in keeping with the Moana theme,  sharing its name with the Demigod from the film. There are some beautiful Hawaii house rentals in some absolutely stunning locations. Just look at that view? Beautiful! And how blue is that Ocean?

Rainbow Hale Estate, Maui, Hawaii – Bookable through Luxury Retreats – Stunning!

What to do?

Moana and the Demigod, Maui

One of the things we love about the film Moana is the singing and dancing. So, of course, it’s only natural that we would want to see a traditional hula performance with fire lighting and blowing of conch shells. Many dances are performed free to watch on beaches or around shopping centres and touristy locations. If you head to Paradise Cove, you can find so much more too…

Paradise Cove

At Paradise Cove, you can take part in a traditional Luau. You’ll be welcomed with tropical music, setting the scene for the evening and then take a stroll through a Hawaiian village. In the village, you can be shown how to make a Lei;  a garland of flowers worn around the neck, traditionally presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection. The kids can then get a temporary tattoo so they can imitate Maui.

Visitors of Paradise Cove have a chance to try their hand at several traditional Hawaiian games including O’o ihe (Spear throwing), ‘Ulu maika (Rolling stone disks) and Moa pahe’e (Dart sliding).

In the evening, you can experience a ‘shower of flowers’ as a tree climber ascends to dizzying heights and showers the crowd below with gorgeous, fragrant, colourful flowers. Then you can take part in hauling in the fishing nets to the rhythm of a conch shell and some ancient chants before witnessing the ancient tradition of underground cooking. An imu ceremony is the practices and rituals of ancient cooking. At Hawaii’s only Imu Amphitheater, you will be able to take a seat to view exactly how your delicious Hawaiian meal is prepared.

The evening continues with a feast in the company of friends, old and new. Bring your appetite to fully enjoy Paradise Cove’s extensive menu which tastefully blends the best of traditional Hawaiian dishes, local favorites and continental cuisine.

With the most spectacular Hawaiian sunset as a backdrop, our award-winning performers will entertain and amaze you with an unforgettable display of songs and dances of Hawaii and Polynesian culture at the incomparable Paradise Cove Extravaganza.

Take in some culture: Hawaiian hula dancers

What else to do?


At the beginning of the film, Moana is just a toddler and helps a baby sea turtle to the ocean. While holidaying among the Hawaiian islands, wouldn’t it be amazing to go snorkelling and see a sea turtle in its natural habitat, amongst an array of stunningly coloured fish and other marine life? The Pride of Maui site has lots of info so you can plan the best snorkelling trip or even take in some whale watching!

Beach hopping

Why not channel your inner Polynesian voyager and go beach hopping? Travel by boat to the different smaller islands and take in the different offerings. You could go swimming with the manta rays (Like Moanas Grandma) on one island or just relax and build sand castles on another. If you are feeling adventurous, there are even options for stand up paddle boarding and zip lining!

Farmers markets

I can picture it now.. bright vibrant fruit, and vegetable, other locally grown produce, home-baked bread and hot foods, an abundance of arts and crafts and souvenirs. Visiting markets in any foreign land is bound to be a wonderful experience but what a treat for the senses it would be in Hawaii. The sights the sounds the smells. I’m excited just thinking about it.

Honolulu Zoo

Home to over 900 different animals from guinea pigs, to hippos, toads to elephants and a spectrum of colourful birds, the Zoo is spacious and easy to navigate with a pram. THere is a botanical garden and you can even take a tour on one of three private guided walks: Explore our Zoo’s African wildlife through on the safari stroll, Learn about their favorite cold-blooded friends in the Ectotherm Complex as well as some of the primates on a Primate Island and meet the native Hawaiian species and other animals from island ecosystems living at  Zoo on the Island Life tour. The Honolulu Zoo is full of fun and adventure and a must visit for any Hawaiian holiday.

Go snorkelling and come face to face with stunning marine life in its natural habitat


After researching these wonderful Island, it’s now one of my bucket list dreams. The kids would be simply in awe of everything from the food, the surroundings and the culture, and the magical experience would totally transform one of their favourite films on to a lifetime of magical memories… Now…. If I could just win that lottery jackpot….


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