PJ Masks Small Space Day

May 20, 2019

PJ Masks, we’re on our way, into the night to save the day!
My three little hooligans absolutely love the PJ Masks, so when I told them we were spending my birthday at the National Space Centre with Connor, Greg and Amaya, they were super excited!
*We were invited along to the PJ Masks Small Space day as a gifted press trip*
If you’ve never been to the National Space Centre, I would definitely recommend checking it out. This was our second visit and the entire place is geared towards the little people. It’s completely interactive with its buttons to push, activities and awe-inspiring exhibits.

mum and 2 young children standing with pj masks characters in costumes
PJ Masks all shout hooray, cause in the night we saved the day!

The PJ Masks Small Space Day was put on to celebrate the launch of series 2 of PJ Masks and we were invited to take part in loads of themed activities.
We started by meeting Owlette, Catboy and Gekko. Dexter was really hesitant at first but then just wanted to hug Gekko. Paisley clung to me but was amazed by the costumes.
The characters spent posed for photos with all the little ones and were so patient, waved to all the little ones in pushchairs and really engaged with them all.

After a wander round to get our bearings, we then headed to the Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium where we watch Explorer Georges Space trip. It’s an engaging little film that asks the children questions and gives them facts about all of the planets in our solar system. Dexter loved getting the answers right and it was good to see him taking in the information.

3 children and a man sat on cinema style seats
Learning about planets with Astronaut George in the planetarium

Bridget had a nap and Dexter and Paisley had a go at making some kinetic moon sand. Dexter chose green as his favourite is Gekko and Pais chose red. There was also mask making that seemed really popular, lots of activity sheets to do and even a trail that took you around the Space Centre looking for clues to win a prize.

2 children mixing up some sand in paper cups

After lunch at Boosters cafe, we watched a special screening of the two-part Moonstruck episode special, where the PJ Masks must travel to the moon to keep Luna girl from improving her luna magnet powers. The PJ Mask dressed up characters then came out on stage and did an interactive performance with the kids which had them all moving along and copying the actions. They definitely enjoyed it, judging by the noise!

a man in jeans and a red top on stage with three dressed up cartoon characters, owlette, gekko and catboy
The right time to fight crime – PJ Masks, live on stage

When it was time to go home, we picked up a goody bag and my three were so impressed with what they received. They each contained a PJ Masks Super Moon Rover toy (the lady that gave us the goody bag saw that we had three children so made sure we had one of each character which, I thought was a lovely touch) a set of walkie talkies and a sticker book with about a million stickers in.. which over a week later are still being stuck on things.

We had a fantastic day and Dexter even said it was one of his best days ever!

plastic toy characters, one is a a human owl and one is a human gekko, riiding on moon rovers
Owlette and Gekko on their Moon Rovers

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