Peter Pan at Peterborough

December 18, 2018

This years key theatre Pantomime is Peter Pan. My children have never been to a Panto so when we were offered press tickets to come along an join in the festive fun we couldn’t say no.

However, in the week leading to up to our trip, I was very ill and ended up in hospital so I called in the troops and sent the kids with my mum and sister with instructions to report back. On arrival, they sent me a couple of pictures and I was instantly jealous not to be there with them.  

Waiting for the show to start

Both Dexter and Paisley joined in with the audience participation bits and Dexter loved using his light up cutlass as a guitar during the songs. Paisley was not a fan of Captain Hook and hid behind her hands a few times when he was on stage.

Captain Hook scared Paisley a bit!

I’ve always loved the story of Peter Pan, in fact, it was the first school play I was in so I was sad to hear Princess Tigerlily (that part I played) wasn’t in the panto but Pantomimes are supposed to be silly and fun and upbeat. If they don’t follow the exact story it doesn’t really matter.  There were a lot of Brexit jokes and feminism in this portrayal of J.M Barries Peter Pan which were lost on the younger members of the audience and from what I’ve heard from a number of sources, were probably a bit of overkill, however, the audience participation was good fun and had everyone joining in.

Now, as I mentioned before, having just got out of hospital, I really wasn’t feeling up to attending myself so I thought I’d ask Dexter what he thought of his first ever pantomime…

Audience participation

So Dexter, you went with Nanny and Olivia to a see Peter Pan, what was the story about?

“It was about Peter Pan and Captain Hook”

Who was your favourite character and why?

“Captain Hook because he was the bad guy”

Who had the best costume?

“Captain Hook because he had a hook”

What made you cheer really loud?

“When he was fighting”

Would you like to go again next year?


You can catch Peter Pan at the Peterborough Key Theatre, now until Jan 6th, Presented by arrangement with Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity and Samuel French Limited. Details of parking, information about accessible show times and tickets can all be found here

Peter Pan at the nursery window

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