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Paisley at two months old.

March 12, 2016

IMG_20160312_212115Paisley turned two months old yesterday and boy is she growing!
She’s been in 3-6 month clothes for a few weeks now and currently weighs 12lbs 2oz but this is according to my bathroom scales. I’ve not gotten her weighed as I can’t be bothered with health visitors after our experiences with Dexter. I’ll go and see them if I need to but she’s still exclusively breast fed and clearly thriving. And once you’ve done it once already, I find you have far less questions to ask.
DSC_2824_3In fact, she’s growing so well, I already have nearly a full vacuum bag of things she’s outgrown! Shame really as there are some lovely things in there. Some haven’t even been worn and those that have, have only been worn a few times. I’ll pop them in the loft with Dexter’s for the future because I don’t think we’re done having babies yet.

She had her 8 week jabs this week. Needless to say she was not impressed at all.  The nurses seemed a bit rushed (I’m not sure why as there was nobody in the waiting room) and they both stabbed her legs at the same time but weren’t at all gentle with her. I felt as though they were trying to beat a time record or something as we were in and out so quickly and they whizzed through telling us about the after care or effects. We were advised to give her some baby paracetamol with a syringe.. Wow! What a mess that was!
She’s got a bit of baby acne going on at the moment which doesn’t look terribly cute, but I know from experience with Dexter, it doesn’t last long.

When she was born, although she was delivered by caesarean, she was in the breech position, so they booked her in for a scan as this can apparently cause problems with her hips. We had her scan about a week or so ago and everything was fine. They didn’t detect any issues so she’s been discharged from that.DSC_2407

She’s becoming much more alert as she gets older. She has playtime on her mat and her little arms and legs go crazy. It’s delightful to watch. Her facial expressions are wonderful and so funny and of course we are getting plenty of smiles.

She loves the sound of the vacuum and the hairdryer (yet strangely isn’t interested in the white noise app I have on my phone)
She recognises Dexter’s face when he plays with her and looks at him while she plays. You can see already that she loves her big brother and he is still very obsessed with her too.
Paisley is happy to be held by anyone but only if you hold her on your shoulder. That’s her favourite place and she’ll happily spend an entire nap there.

DSC_2889_4DSC_2845_2When I was pregnant I kept looking at new prams and really would have loved one. I knew we couldn’t afford one and we had already kept Dexter’s as a plan to use it again but I’ll let you in to a secret… We have barely even used it. I knew I wanted to try baby wearing and I thought it would be a bit of a novelty to go for a walk with Dexter and carry Paisley but honestly, I wear her almost everywhere! It’s so much easier having my hands free to hold Dexter’s hand. I don’t have to compete with other buggies to get a space on a bus or anything like that, I don’t have to try and manoeuvre it around shops and people absolutely love seeing her on me. I get so many comments from people about carrying her it brightens my day! Not to mention how easy it makes things when she won’t settle if I put her down. I just wrap her up and then carry on with the house work. I even dance with her, It’s fab!IMG_20160307_142943

She sleeps well at night too. Some nights she wakes twice but mostly we’ll go to bed at 11 and feed her before we put her down, then she wont normally wake until around 4 ish so we all get a good solid chunk of sleep.

We had our 6 week check and everything was fine there. Although, as I type this I’m reminded of a comment from the doctor.. She said “It’s nice to see a breastfed baby for a change” I thought that was a bit of an odd comment to make for a number of reasons and it didn’t sit well with me. At first, I felt it was rather judgey against formula mums/babies but also, I don’t believe for one moment that there are so few breast fed babies that it’s now a rarity to see them. Honestly, if that’s the case, put us in a zoo and let everyone come and gawk at us!

And me?

My scar has healed brilliantly. It’s very neat so I’m impressed with that. I’m almost back to my ‘normal’ although I’m not at a level where I can do things like run for a bus just yet. Are you supposed to do things like that 2 months after having a baby? Haha I’m guessing not.
I still have have high blood pressure. I told the Doctor this has always been the case but now they’ve decided its not good so this week I had to spend 24 hours carrying round a portable BP monitor taking readings every 30 minutes. Definitely not a fun 24 hours.  The results have been passed on to the Doctor that requested it and we’ll see what happens from there.

Since becoming a mother of 2, I’ve needed a bit of a change. One thing that has always been the same since the early 90’s is my hair style so that was the first and most obvious thing to alter. I can’t remember the last time I went to the hair dressers as I normally just cut it myself so I went to Studio 4 and had it all chopped off by Gemma. It’ was a big change but I really love it and it’s so easy to maintain. I’ll recommend Gemma to anyone. Go visit her and tell her I sent you!
I’m still hovering around my pre-pregnancy weight but I’m a lot happier with my body than I was before I got pregnant. I’m seeing a lot of things differently now but mainly more positively. (Below is a before and after shot of my hair)

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