Paisley, now you are three.

January 14, 2019

Dearest Pais, 

You are my wild child. You drive me batshit crazy most days with your antics… but I wouldn’t change you for the world.

Every morning, you wake with giggles and smiles, not just for me and Daddy, but you go off in search of your brother and sister to share your smiles with them too. Once you’ve warmed us up with your smiles, you’re ready to create chaos.

Your favourite things to do are pull the toilet roll off off the tube and leave it all over the floor, wind your siblings up, spill/pour/throw your drinks everywhere, tear up paper, throw things, and so much more. I’m tidying up one mess you’ve made or fixing something you’ve broken and you’re off wreaking havoc somewhere else while my back is turned. I can’t keep up with you. You’ve cut your own hair three times! THREE!! The 3rd time, you managed to get into the first aid box and find the tiny little bandage scissors because after the first 2 times, there are no scissors anywhere that you might get to them.

You love your movies. Daddy would love a cinema buddy and out of all three of our children, I think you are gunna be the one. You would watch films one after the other if we let you. You know all the songs in Moana and  The Greatest Showman. You love watching Home and the Princess and the Frog but your favourite at the moment is The Incredibles 2. You got a stretch Elastigirl for Christmas last month and she is your most favourite thing in the world. Nanny even made you an Elastigirl birthday cake!

Your speech over the last 12 months has come on amazingly well. You even talk to Alexa and tell her to do things like tell you the weather, play The Greatest Showman soundtrack and turn the living room light red. 

You can be really hard work at times but I’m learning to work with you and understand you and I’m finding a simple cuddle and talking to you quietly and calmly will really turn your tantrums around. And on the flip side, you can be amazingly sweet. If one of us is looking a bit sleepy or is cold, you’ll get us a blanket and tuck us in. You love cuddles and kisses and look after all of us. You have so much love for Dexter. You idolise him and would follow him to the ends of the earth. And you are always trying to teach Bridget things (ok so they’re naughty things, but you are still trying to teach her). You even try and feed her when she is perfectly capable of feeding herself and you ALWAYS tell me when she’s woken up from her nap… even though I can hear her myself.

You’re both shy and brave. You are shy around people, even those you know until you have warmed to them or the situation and then your wild side is revealed, but you’re also so brave and fly around climbing frames and things like nobody’s business. You were sliding down the poles at the park long before Dexter would.

You always want to play. You are so full of energy and don’t stop until you completely crash out. You giggle and run around and sing constantly. I just don’t know where your energy comes from.

You hate having your hair brushed and it’s always a crazy fly away mess… But do you know what… It suits you. You’re not a neat and slick kinda girl. 
I hope you don’t ever lose your go get em attitude – whilst it drives me and your Dad mental quite often, it will serve you well in the future. You are certainly not one to take any shit and I love that about you. You are an instigator. A leader. You don’t break the rules, you make your own. You my dear girl, are strong willed and determined – and you fucking rock!

Love, Mummy

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  • Reply Tara January 14, 2019 at 10:57 pm

    I absolutely love this!!! X

    • Reply Leslie Rickerby January 18, 2019 at 9:03 pm

      Haha it’s her all over, isn’t it?

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