Paisley Niamh at 9 months old

October 19, 2016
I’ve not written a development update for Paisley since she was 6 months old so I’m thinking this one is long over due. From her first few attempts at rolling over, she has changed so much. Her personality is really shining through and she is certainly a force to be reckoned with at home. Lets take a look at how she’s getting on at 9 months.

Physical Development

The last time I wrote, Paisley was just beginning to sit up unaided. Still wobbly but she was getting there. Now, not only just she crawl everywhere faster than the speed of light, she pulls herself up on anything and walks along.
We’ve recently got the baby walker out that Dexter had and she’s loving it! She does occasionally get a bit over excited though and then pulls it down on top of herself but for the most part, she is doing very well.
She has outgrown her jumperoo. Well, she still fits in it but she’s completely bored of it. It doesn’t challenge her or occupy her enough so she really doesn’t like it anymore, which means my day is mostly spent chasing her around, stopping her eating cat food or falling down.
She has 6 teeth so far, still has some delicious chunky fat rolls and is still mosy in 9-12 month clothes with more and more 12-18 month items creeping in. I’ve noticed her weight has slowed down now. She weighs 20lb. I put this down to how active she is. She has been growing very well from day one and seems to have found herself a nice balance.


Paisley is a great eater. We’ve done baby led weaning mostly and she is very good at get her food in her mouth. I’m slowly introducing a spoon to her so that she can learn to use it herself but once she’s got the food off it, she mainly sits and chews it.
We are yet to find a food that she doesn’t like so we’ve been very lucky.
I’m still breastfeeding through the day and occasionally at night. I have started giving her a sippy cup of water but thats mostly for her to explore and learn with rather than for any sort or nutritional benefit. She also has one small bottle of milk if she needs it when I’m at work.


At the moment, all four of us are in our bed. With 2 of Dexters fits having been at night, we don’t want to risk him being on his own and it doesn’t feel right making Paisley sleep in a room on her own when she’s the only on that is. So we all share the one bed and to be honest, it works quite well for us. I love knowing that by babies are close by and it’s wonderful to wake up to their happy, smiling faces each morning. I know it’s not for everyone but we all sleep rather well most nights and I’m happy with that. One day we will get them into their own rooms but for now we’re all happy where we are.

Play time

Paisley plays with everything. All of Dexters cars, empty crisp packets, cat food. It does’t matter really. As I type this she is playing with the straps on her high chair. Who needs a basket full of sensory items? She does have a few textured books that she likes, and she loves knocking down towers of any kind such as bricks and stacking cups. I’d say her favourite thing to do is play with terrorise Dexter. She just loves crawling all over him, pulling his hair and all sorts.


Out and about.

She’s still good as gold whenever we go out. Both Dexter and Paisley come with me to slimming world and I’d totally get them having a boredom induced tantrum but so far they’ve been fabulous. I try and take a handful of small quiet toys with me to keep them occupied but so far I’ve never had to take either of them out. She will almost always fall asleep in her buggy on the preschool run and the same in the car, so as long as she’s fed before going out, she’s a breeze. img_0842

Paisley enjoys going on the swings at the park and she likes the bouncy castle at mums and tots. She seems fascinated with other babies and I think she will be very sociable. twins

Other than that, she has slotted into our lives perfectly. There haven’t been any big upheavals, no real change to our routines or anything like that. She’s been a very easy baby so I think we’re very lucky. Dexter was often sick, had slow weight gain etc so seemed to be more work. Plus, being our first, he changed everything. This time round I’ve been more confident too.

Coming up

I’m going to need to invest in a new cosy toes/foot muff thing for the buggy as I have no idea where ours is. She’s also going to need a lovely warm coat.
Christmas seems very close now and it’s hard to think that just a few weeks after that she will be turning one!
I’ve no doubt she will be toddling about by then, the way she’s going. I’ve got absolutely no idea what to get her for Christmas or her first birthday so I would love some suggestions if you have any.
Dexters main present for his first christmas was the baby walker and  img_0893she already has that to play with so I’m a bit stuck.



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