Paisley Niamh – 1 Month Update

February 11, 2016

Wow, Paisley is a month old already. I have been a mum of two children for a month! Dexter has been a big brother for a month. It seems to have gone so fast!IMG_20160211_000025

If you read my ‘Welcoming Baby Paisley‘ post, you would’ve seen she was born via a cesarean section. The first week of recovery from this, I found very hard. I cried more than once and Liam had to help me with some very unglamorous things. IMG_20160206_113605Now though, I’m almost feeling ‘normal’. I still have a hard sort of knotty feeling beneath my scar which google has informed me will eventually go down. Wearing normal sized knickers are ever so slightly irritating but not enough for me to still be living in huge granny-pants. I can lift Dexter, although I was told not to lift anything heavier than Paisley for 6 weeks. I can walk decent distances whilst wearing Paisley in her wrap and I’m getting really good at wrapping her in it. I’m still yet to have a bath and have been sticking to showers but all in all, I’d say I’m pretty much recovered.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding Paisley and so far this has been fairly successful. She’s been doing well at it herself and I’m so much more confident in it than the first time. The first time round I didn’t really know what I was doing and doubted myself a lot. Doing it all the second time around has given me a massive boost in trusting my instincts. The only thing I’m finding difficult is balancing out my fore and hind milk.  She’s been having a variation of poo’s, mostly normal, mustardy colour but then occasionally she’ll do a green one and yesterday there was one with a bit of mucus in it so this is another thing I’ve been researching on google. After reading pages and pages, the most likely reason is an imbalance and over supply in my milk so I’m currently trying block feeding to reduce the supply slightly and to correct the balance of fore/hind milk. We have her 6 week check soon so I’ll ask about it then to be sure but so far, it seems to be working.

She was quite jaundiced during her 2nd week and we had to take her to the hospital for a check up but the scanned her skin and she was way below the level that required any treatment and it passed quite quickly after that.IMG_20160209_102058

She is so much bigger than Dexter was and is already outgrowing some of her clothes. He was fairly slow to gain weight at first but she seems to be thriving. Dexter was around 4 months old when he weighed 10lb and she weighed that in her second week. I’m not sure of her current weight but will try and weigh her or get her weighed very soon. She’s definitely growing though so I’m not concerned there. She has a really strong neck and can hold her head up quite well already so we do let her have some tummy time on her play mat and she enjoys kicking her legs in the water and splashing already. I think having a section has given her an advantage over Dexter in that I had so much pain relief when I was in labour with him, it made him really sleepy so then he wouldn’t feed either, whereas she was out within 10 minutes of the surgery and then latched on straight away with her first feed. I was so amazed at how well she did. With both of them I had two very different pregnancies and it would appear I now have two very different babies too.


DSC_2363Dexter is besotted with her and its a beautiful thing to see. At first I found that when he asked me to do things with or for him or he needed my attention, I was asking him to wait as I was dealing with Paisley but I noticed that was causing a little bit of jealousy in him and some tantrums and acting out but I changed my words so that I wasn’t ‘blaming’ her (for want of a better word) and as I healed more and more, I was able to do more with him again. I wrote him a letter last week which you can read here, explaining that it wont always be like that and that in no time she’ll be crawling and he can make her laugh and all sorts.  He loves to hold her and have cuddles and is always telling me ‘she’s so lovely’ and when she cries he tells her ‘its alright, Paisley, I will help you’ with his cute little toddler voice.  He enjoys changing his doll’s nappy when I change Paisley’s and really likes it if I let him bring his buggy when we go out so he’s really taking to the big brother role. He’s so gorgeous with her it absolutely melts me. He talks about her at preschool and has drawn a picture of her too. His first session back after she was born, he cried because he missed her and wanted to be at home with us. He’s so incredibly sweet and an awesome big brother! I knew he would be!IMG_20160203_150858
I can’t wait to see what next month brings and how she grows but also how Dexter’s relationship with her develops. There have been some difficult moments since she’s been born especially when Dexter was sick a couple of weeks ago. Between them both they were very demanding at the point but we got through it and I’m really enjoying being a mum of 2 so far.

IMG_20160204_140556IMG_20160204_111749IMG_20160204_140637As always, Thanks for reading xx

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