Paisley at 4 months old.

May 13, 2016

IMG_1446Paisley turned 4 months old this week.  As with any baby, every day is a whirlwind of new exciting skills and traits to be discovered and Paisley is no exception to that rule.  She really is changing every day.  We still haven’t seen the health visitors and I’m extremely happy about that.  She and I are both doing very well and as long as we continue the way we are, we’ll have no reason to see them.

Physical Development

This last month has been all about her hands and mouth. She is constantly chewing on her fists and my hand if it’s in her vicinity. We’ve attached one of those twisty rattle things to some linkies and we put it on her play mat or in the buggy so she’s always got something to fiddle with and chomp on.
She’s hugely talkative and is always making some sort of noise (unless she’s asleep). I’m sure if my grandad was alive he would have made some joke about a cat’s chorus.   She has such an infectious giggle. As soon as you do something to make her laugh, you just want to do it over and over again so she just keeps laughing.
When on her tummy, she still tries to propel herself forward by pushing her legs underneath herself and when in her chair, she tries to sit up without leaning on the back of the seat. She’s getting very strong. She doesn’t roll over yet but has been known to make it on to her side.


She has been sleeping through the night since March 25th but lately is starting to wake earlier and earlier. Most days around 5 am but I can’t complain about that, I can generally feed her and she’ll go back to sleep for another few hours. We have been incredibly lucky in that respect. I know there are mothers out there who’s 2 and 3 year olds still don’t sleep through so I’m not going to complain if I have to get up early after a full nights sleepIMG_1230


Still mostly in disposables with the odd day at home in cloth nappies if we aren’t going anywhere. I’m still not confident enough with the cloth ones to use them out and about.  She’s not had any nappy rash apart from when she was new born and her skin was still adjusting. We use Sudocrem care and protect which is a 3in1 barrier cream that also guards against infection and conditions the skin.


I was asked a couple of days ago if I was still breast feeding and then congratulated when I said I was. If I could offer one piece of advise to anyone wanting to breast feed it would be this… Don’t bother wasting your money on breast feeding clothing like those tops with extra panels that you can move aside. Seriously! I know just ‘getting the girls out’ isn’t for everyone so if you want to breastfeed but want to stay covered or not make it obvious, Wear two tops. Pull one down under your boob and one up over the top. The only bit your baby needs is your nipple so the rest of the breast can easily stay covered, revealing nothing! I’ve fed in those silly tops and people, some even close friends, have avoided eye contact and felt awkward because they didn’t know where to look but when doing it the one up, one down way, the same people, haven’t even realised I’ve been feeding.IMG_1337
Paisley is still a pro feeder, still exclusively breast fed and doing incredibly well. She is showing a great interest in food when we eat and often tries to grab my hand. She has had a taste of sweet potato and a banana but I’ve not actually let her eat anything yet. I would Like to get to 6 months old before we start weaning  but something tells me she has other ideas. She currently weighs 1st, 1lb and 2oz and is in 6-9 month clothing – aside from one t-shirt that is 9-12 months!!

Play time

With the nice weather we’ve been having lately, Paisley has had her first feel of grass. We’ve enjoyed some trips to the park and she’s been on a swing on my lap. It was hard to tell if she enjoyed it but she didn’t cry at least. We have also been enjoying a lot of garden time. This is especially good as it means we get the freedom of being outside and I can still tend to one child without being far from the other.

IMG_1236She absolutely adores her big brother and always has a smile for him. He loves her too, he always wants to hold her, more often when I’m feeding her though and he can’t. It’s fantastic to watch them get to know each other and I’m excited to watch them play when they can both run around together. I definitely want more babies but if for any reason we can’t, I am so incredibly happy with the 2 little munchkins I have and I would’t change them for the world.


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