• Corona Chronicles

    I didn’t want to fill my blog with lots of posts about the Corona Virus and what it means, what affects it’s having on various aspect of ours and everyone’s lives – but I…

    March 22, 2020
  • STEM

    My Five Favourite Fictional Female Scientists

    Today is International Day of Women and Girls in Science and so I wanted to share with you some of my favourite fictional female scientists. These are in no particular order other than the…

    February 11, 2020
  • Reviews / Giveaways

    5 Chic Designer Handbags for 2020

    *Sponsored Post*Widely coveted, fervently collected, and relentlessly copied, designer handbags have consistently stood as the definitive fashion piece of their time. They play as much of a role in elevating your ensemble as they…

    January 31, 2020
  • Why a new roof is a great investment

    Now there’s no doubt that your home is indeed a great investment – probably the most important one we ever make. But to paraphrase a certain fictional superhuman, with great investment comes great responsibility…

    January 30, 2020
  • Inflata Nation opens at PE1, Peterborough.

    Last week, we had the absolute pleasure of being invited along to the opening launch of Inflata Nation, Peterborough. You may have heard of Inflata Nation before as there are venues in Manchester, Birmingham,…

    January 23, 2020
  • Travel and Local

    Cabaret comes to Peterborough, New Theatre.

    AD: Gifted Tickets (also contains spoilers)I’ve really been enjoying visiting The New Theatre lately. So far over the past couple of months, we’ve seen the Wizard of Oz Pantomime, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour…

    January 23, 2020
  • Joseph brings his Technicolour Coat to Peterborough

    Yesterday, Liam and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We weren’t going to be doing anything but then I was offered tickets to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat at the New…

    January 8, 2020